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Coronavirus - COVID-19

Daspoort Pretoria
Submitted by Willem Brits on Mon, 16/03/2020 - 11:25

Wat is jou siening ?

Wat is jou voorsorg ?

Hoe raak dit jou ?

  • By die huis.
  • By die werk.
  • In die algemeen.
  • Kamp.
Vaalpark Vrystaat

Johann L

Wed, 25/03/2020 - 06:49

Warren, thanks. We will see you by Thursday, make sure there is a power point, preferably 20 amp nearby within 5 meter, oh, and of course clean water and a private ablution.

We will be staying untill 17 April,  when, hopefully, the thd emergency Lock down will be lifted.

By the way, I prefer fat lamb tjops.

See u tomorrow👍😂

 Don't know how I'll cope with all that camping luxury.... I'm used to a hole in the ground & a solar bag shower....

I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and suffer in silence....


Hand built by your's truly.... EVERYTHING... Enen all the paving slabs where done by me...

Actually I'm the only cottage on that phase of the three phase, and have a 30A breaker.

Water is borehole and has a high calcium content,(very good for us oldies) both the borholes tap into the water that comes from the same system that feeds sterkfontein caves.

For my pleasure I have my own private outdoor bubble-bath that's heated by a black irrigation pipe ontop of an old lapa frame since it is totally secluded, I have a daily steaming hot kaalgat borrel-bad.

I'll leave it up to Willem brits to tell you all about Impala butchery and their higest quality sappige meat and venison......

Milk comes fresh from the farm and is Jersey milk available at Model melkery. All places I'll be shopping at on the way in on Thursday (we are closing at 12)

I'm taking my 50L campign freezer and will completely stock it up with fresh meat...

Oh I'll be stopping off at the new Super spa at Pecanwood, for the usual groceries....

My indoor kitchen (I got an outdoor one as well with the braai) I've christened "THE COOK NOOK" has all the appliances you and your missus could wish for. from a fridge - to stove with an oven - popcorn maker - hot dog maker - turbo thermal cooker - snackwitch maker - 4 slice toaster.... Sigh I don't know HOW i'm going to survive.....

Cost's me a fortune to maintain R600 a month.....

BATHROOM - Sorry sideways...




In the background, my outdoor, bushveldt bubble bath for kaalgat borrelbad's



The entire country is in lockdown

Everybody is going to take a financal loss somewhere somehow.....

This economy, driven beyond the tipping point of collapse by zuma, state capture and criminal theft of any financial depth to deal with emergencies, will not be able to deal with any major infection, should that come to pass -

Potentially tens of thousands of people will die..... Mostly the poor and indigent.....

Instead of rushing onto TV and preventing crossing of provincial borders in support of what the hell's going on, so that the infection does not reach the rural areas, where there is absolutely no bloody resources, no quarrintine facilities, no testing facilities and shit-shure  very few people qualified to deal with infected people....

The bloody stupid idiots rush onto TV and say it's fine, you can walk your dogs and go jogging.....


REALLY? how stuffing stupid can they be? the health minister ontop nogal....

Do they not realise what the magnitude of the sacrifice that is being made, how serious the situation is or the potential consequence to come? Not least of all the baby boom in 9 months time, when there is no money to properly look after a new child?

Not to mention, the trivialisation of the whole affair? - Not that

As much as I care for my dog, My grandkids are way more important... So I can take them for a walk.... Better still them and my dog..... Why not incluse the rest of the family out for a walk........

This is just plain bullshit.....



Waar my wa staan


Wed, 25/03/2020 - 15:29

You must learn to relax, you take life far to serious, learn to laugh a little!

Most European countries that are in lock down do allow citisens to jog and take their dog for a walk. One must just keep a safe distance from others.

Incidently you are also allowed to go crocery shopping?

I agree with you your grand children should be more important to you than your dog, but luckily for you our minister of health did not instruct you to take your dog for a walk.

So you can relax and take your grandchildren in consideration by not walking your dog where you are all alone by your lonesome self.



Wed, 25/03/2020 - 16:12

Mixing with other people (especially in large groups) is a recipe for transmission. A good example is a prayer meeting at a Free State church which 50 of the most recent cases attended and they are still looking for 300 others who attended to test them. Walking your dog alone is definitely not a recipe for transmission. Generally speaking when you walk a dog other people can’t get very close to you at all. 

Waar my wa staan


Wed, 25/03/2020 - 18:05

Wildehont, nes jy daar sê!! Ons is te geneig en te vinnig om te sê hoe stupid ander mense is!

Baie keer skrik mens dan as jy in die spieël kyk, dan kom jy tot ander insigte.

Ek dink veral aan mense wat ń piep klein erf het hulle moet hul honde ten minste twee keer ń dag vir ń stap neem?


Waar my wa staan


Wed, 25/03/2020 - 18:08

Ek sien op gesigsboek, hoe belagliker die skrywer se kritiek is hoe meer vloek woorde en kru taal gebruik hulle.

Kry so idee dat baie mense glo jy kan ń belaglike standpunt met kru taal laat goed lyk?


neef Herman

Wed, 25/03/2020 - 19:03

Wat sal ek sê, twee  goeie kenisse in vrywillige  afsondering geplaas. Een Bloemfontein, een Johannesburg, was in direkte kontak. Kleinkinders was ook in kontak by hul privaatskool waar n maatjie en die se ma positief gediagnoseer is. 

And we all know how that turned out for the Germans in 45...

On one battle front we are fighting a war on COVED 19

and on the other front a war on stupidity

THANKFULLY, the security cluster moved swiftly & publically reversed the statement that walking your dog and jogging is OK.....

You should have heard how the presenter of RADIO JACKARANDA went off about that twit.... Hopefully he wil be fired in short thrift...

But that's not the point of my post....

To everyone here (no matter if you like me or not) I hope that you come through this in good health. There is no guarrantee that sometime down the road we might face another lockdown, but for now let's believe that this will work.

For now what is heartening is that as of yesterday the number of new infections is not outstripping the rate of infection. This indicates that up to yesterday the measures in place, and the co-operation by all South Africans, seem to be working, and hopefully, with the lockdown the graph of new infections will drop below the number of infections,

Our major concern is if the infection jumps to the high density areas... townships / squatter camps and the like... then we will be utterly overwelmed .... frightening thought...

I would have liked to see additional measures: - no cross provincial traffic / drive through testing... It's so simple.... A thermal themometer is all you need, if your body temp is 37... a proper test is done.... But, it is what it is, let's believe and work together for a good outcome....

Imagine if we as South Africkans, with all the kaka we have, are the first country in the world to corner this thing and give it a knockout punch.... Perhaps our rand will do better.... Personally, my opinion of silly cyryl has gone up a notch....

Where I'm going there is no connectivity, so for three week (I hope it's only 3 weeks) go safe look after yourselfs, and if you see someone not being safe, no matter the ethnicity, be kind and gently correct that person...

Go in peace




Waar my wa staan


Thu, 26/03/2020 - 07:26

As from Yesterday morning the Defence force has a permanent camp just outside Bela Bela on al roads leading into Bela Bela. They stop you amd take temp of all ocupants.

They will be there for the duration.


Chris Boucher

Thu, 26/03/2020 - 10:42

Ek het 'n klein rukkie gelede teruggekeer vanuit ons klein dorpie se kleinerige besigheidsentrum. Dit lyk soos Desember net voor Kersfees wanneer ons 'n toestroming van vakansiegangers ervaar. Jy sukkel om parkeerplek te kry en ons enigste supermark is 'n gedruis van mense.

Toe ek gister eers besef dat die mans-apteke ook gedurende die 'lockdown' gesluit sal wees, het ek gou die een drankwinkel-eienaar gebel om dubbel seker te maak dat dit wel die geval is. Hy't aangebied om vir my bier en cider uit te hou. My whisky en wyn-voorraad is darem genoeg. Ek het dit "gou" gaan afhaal, maar moes vir langer as 'n kwartier in 'n tou staan om te betaal.

Hier in Kleinmond maak die klomp oumense seker dat hulle nie oor die "lockdown" gaan dors ly nie.

Daspoort Pretoria

Willem Brits

Thu, 26/03/2020 - 11:05

Dit is 'n mentaliteit (kop) ding.

Ek is nou al 'n paar jaar by die huis maar vir die eerste keer voel iets nie reg nie, die koeldranke, hou, vleis ens. moet nagegaan word voor die dag tot sy einde kom.  My twee dogters is ook in Pretoria maar dit voel snaaks om te weet ek of hulle kan nie kom kuier/braai nie.

Ek dink die "lockdown" ding gaan nog met ons koppe smokkel soos die tyd aangaan.



Thu, 26/03/2020 - 11:07

Wat my nogals pla is dai hoeveelheid persone wat op een slag toegalaat gaan word in die supermarkte. 50 Veral in groot sentras gaan dit volgens my `n helse probleem word want daar gaan elle lange toue buite staan wat tog weer massas mense gaan dwing om saam te drom. 

Tog het die staat almal verseker daar is genoeg kos en mense moenie voorraad opbou nie. Ek persoonlik dink die met `n redelike voorraad kos is meer veilig.

Net nog `n gedagte.... Ek dink mens moet maar kophou in gevalle waar jy wel gestop gaan word deur poliesie weermag ens. Nou gaan definitief nie `n goeie tyd wees om aan die verkeerde kant van die gereg te wees nie. Ons almal het al gesien hoe magsmisbruik die laaste tyd onder die poliesie toegeneem het.

Ek is gelukkig en bevoorreg om genoeg vanalles te kan hê op die staduim maar dit kan in n oogwink verander. Ek het agv my werk `n amptelike reispermit ontvang en selfs daaraan is `n helse klomp voorwaardes wat nagekom moet word.

Ek hoop en bid dat julle almal veilig sal wees in die 3 weke voorentoe. Ek dink ons wêreld en manier van werk gaan na die episode totaal verander.



Chris Boucher

Thu, 26/03/2020 - 11:22

Slowstrike skryf: 

Wat my nogals pla is dai hoeveelheid persone wat op een slag toegalaat gaan word in die supermarkte. 50 Veral in groot sentras gaan dit volgens my `n helse probleem word want daar gaan elle lange toue buite staan wat tog weer massas mense gaan dwing om saam te drom. 

Ja - dit pla my ook. Ek het maar vanoggend besluit om, voordat ek uit die kar klim by die winkelsentrum, 'n masker op te sit en latex handskoene aan te trek. Ek het gelukkige 'n goeie voorraad van beide, want ek gebruik dit in saadaanlegte wanneer ek saadbehandelingsmasjiene kalibreer.

Nadat ek my aankope in die kar gelaai het, het ek maar weer die masker en die handskoene afgehaal. Ek het in elke voertuig 'n spuitbottel met handreiniger, waarmee ek eers my hande "dokter" en die stuurwiel, rathefboom ens. afvee. Dalk is ek manies, maar ek sal alles in my vermoeë doen om nie die Covid-19 virus "op te tel" nie. En dan's ek nog nie gewaarborg daarvan nie. Ek het nog nooit in my lewe so baie hande gewas soos tans nie.

Ek is nou ook in formele lockdown. Gasbottels vol, mancave yskas vol, geelvet biltong hang in die koelkas, koskaste vol, sonder om te doomsday prep, genoeg hout en firelighters.........en natuurlik my werks laptop op die tafel in my mancave om n ogie oor julle te hou en te kyk dat julle nie te hard geroer word deur big brother nie.

Ons moet seker maar die beste maak van n slegte saak ne.

Vaalpark Vrystaat

Johann L

Thu, 26/03/2020 - 17:00

Nou ja die Lock gaan nou Lock Down, vir 21 dae, wie het gesê ou mense sal nooit gehok word nie, en dit is nie eers my ouers wat my hok nie..