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The wheel of my life continues to turn....

Submitted by It'l Dodat on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 11:53

Some time ago, in our area, some flats in the council flats nearby burnt out, and the people where left with nothing.

One or two families are still being accommodated in the municipal recreation hall nearby, where Aiden goes boxing

So this weekend Chris Jacky hosted three white children of between 8 – 12 for the day... a fun day of food swimming and playing, It was the 12Yo’s birthday... So cake and coldrinks was also brought home.

When I say food, they apparently rely on donations which, unfortunately are not reliable, so sometimes there is nothing to eat..

Taking pity on the kids, Chris & Jacky arranged with the parents.... Not where do you stay? Not what time will they be back? No... Just Yes take them...

Can they swim? Yes.... Bloody hell !

Jacky had to jump in and save one of them Who does that? send their kids off with strangers, not knowing where they are going, and say they can swim......


Some of the comments in the car this morning....

Chris... Shame, He said, they watched me driving off all the way down the road... Just like I used to watch you driving off when I was in the home.... I bit my tongue, and had to be very careful as I became emotional.... I know.. I used to watch him in the mirror....

Jacky..... Show’s you how good our life is when we are so lekker kies-keurig about food......

Will they have the kids round again I asked.... “Definitely”...... Going to try and do something for Christmas

And so the wheel has begun to turn a second time.....

Port Elizabeth


Mon, 03/12/2018 - 12:16

Well done, Warren, Chris & Jacky.   You've been through that mill and know what it is about and how much it means to those children.   There are so many like them.   I suppose one should not be too harsh on the parents for the way they just trusted you.  They probably realised that the children would be fed and that is important to them.  

The difficult part is how long can you keep doing it.  The children may come to expect it and hope it can be ongoing.   Hopefully there will come a time when they are in such a position that it won't be necessary any more.   But while you can do it, hats off to you.

I read this morning:   "There were thousands of yesterdays and there will be thousands of tomorrows, but we only have one today."    Therefore, spread love today, tomorrow will look after itself.   


It'l Dodat

Mon, 03/12/2018 - 15:41

 As a non-biological parent, one of the pitfalls that I learnt about was to never “outshine” the Biological parents, It opens up the way to all sorts of negative consequences. a bitter lesson Chris had to learn, and a very difficult one for me to manage..... You just want to give and give....

That’s why I only started giving Chris clothing & things much later in the progression from home-boy to living under my care.

having gone through this sort of thing himself, Chris is all to well aware of the problems that, mis-handling this kind of situation can bring about, INCLUDING being targeted & used by the adults.

I’m not seeing a “close” sort of relationship being allowed to develop, what I do hope to see is a frequent visiting relationship.

One thing about Chris, having come through the school-of-hard-knocks.... He can be a bloody cold and cynical as hell individual....Just watch how quickly the hackles raise if anbody get's uppity with me or his bunch....

Trust me, nobody’s going to take advantage / fleece him, but he does know that having once extended a hand, it’s a long term thing. So, I’m expecting that our bunch (me excluded) will become a sort of aunt / uncle / cousens in their lives.

See how the experiences we’ve had seems to guide us each time..... Me with Chris.... Now Chris and this....

Long time given up “planning”..... Just, sit back and enjoy the ride.....

Vaalpark Vrystaat

Johann L

Mon, 03/12/2018 - 16:34

Warren, you set an example for Chris, he will follow suite, I personally think it is the best route Chris could take.  Nothing beats experience!

Well done old chap