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Wanted: Leveling Block Kit - LBK531 (Chocks Only)

Submitted by SRTosen on Tue, 14/08/2018 - 15:09
Levelling Block Kit LBK531
Leveling Block Kit LBK531

I am looking for chocks only and specifically for this Leveling Kit, as the chock hooks onto the block using the serrations.

Jurgens imports the kit, and I asked them for chocks only and it appears that there is no market them.

Thanks, I have seen these, but is only a chock. I need a leveling block too, and need to keep the wheel on the block once the horizontal level is correct.

By design, break shoes lend themselves to rolling backwards before they lock. One way to mitigate this is to reverse the caravan/trailer onto the leveling block, insert the chock on the front of the wheel and pull up the hand brake.

This reduces the risk/minimises movement when hitching and unhitching the trailer.

This particular desgin (LBK531) locks the chock onto the leveling block.

Why do I need another chock: The village idiot forgot to remove the chock...and that was more than once!