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Plastic bag egg pies

Submitted by It'l Dodat on Thu, 06/04/2017 - 14:57

Well, as a single dude, camping all on my a-lonesome, I get the zig with having to do dishes.... So I’m always on the prowl for recipies that don’t require any washing up...

This one’s my champion... A neat rick that you can use to get the whole fandamily involved / make a nice thing of it for the kids... (If there are no dishes to be done... I’m happy to be a kid)!

Now I used to have pics, but the night-time RDP shoppers got that lot when they re-deployed my computer... So here goes

NOTE: - use only ZIP-LOCK plastic bags... The other’s melt....


1 2/ 3L pot,

Some clothing pegs,

A bowl / soup mug / something to hold the plastic-bag while you break eggs into it

salt, pepper, peri-peri powder, grated cheese, finely diced ham,/  or anything else you would like to put into an ordinary egg  omelette...

Fill the pot ¾ and get on the boil

Open the quart sized ZIP-LOCK plastic bag and put it into your holder.... Opened-up

Break 2 of your favourite no-name-brand medium sized eggs into a quart size ZIP-LOCK plastic bag,

If you are as good as me...... Fish out the bit’s of egg-shell...

Pick up the bag (open end up please)... And scrunch the eggs until thoroughly mixed...

Add what you like and scrunch again

Get as much air out of the ag as you can and ZIP-LOCK closed.

Put the bag into the boiling water, and use the clothing peg to hold it against the side of the pot. Turn the pot clockwise....

Repeat for all the rest... The first one should be ready after about 12  minutes... 

Take out and munch out of the plastic bag.... Use the boiling water for coffee... & rinsing out your mug, allow pot to air-dry....

Brekkie / snackkie / brunch / slunch done