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My flea-market gelukkie

Submitted by It'l Dodat on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 05:56

This goes back 3 weeks, At De-deur flea market spotted this vehicle side awning, but the seller wanted R800, I offered R400, he would not bite, settled at R500...

Last week I passed his stall and pointed out he still had it....

This Sat I again offered R400 but said I'm going round, think about it If I don't spend any money I'll come back

Long story short we settled for R400

Rather nice Actually, Canvas is rip-stop, size is 5m wide x 3m deep, folds into the little bag. Got it's poles & rope but short a few pegs.

Only problem is I can't fold it neaatly enough to go back into the bag on my own, so I'll have to make it removable so that I can fold it up on the ground, then clip it back...

Did some research last night, on special they are R1999 ..... Basically, a poor man's gull-wing awning.








It'l Dodat

Mon, 03/12/2018 - 09:40

Nice awning, Warren.   Have…

Nice awning, Warren.   Have you got Jewish blood?

You know now that you ask..... 

Well let's put it this way......

I suppose I'll pass inspection......laugh

Dankie Sleep, dit gee wel gooie skadu, as die son nie van agter is, Nice for a short stop-over and a one-man tent, Tailgate kitchen in the Landy with the Waco 50L freezer, shower & plastic bag toilet seat off the side on the retractable awning and I'm set for touring....


It'l Dodat

Mon, 03/12/2018 - 11:38

Oom DoenDit se opskrifte kan…

Oom DoenDit se opskrifte kan misleidend wees, gedink hy het vir hom nog `n brak aangeskaf. smiley



Been there, done that....

Xept with what was supposed to be a teeny tiny Vietnamese pot-belly pig....

Bloomin thing growed and growed and growed until it was one gynormous ugly Transki porker...

Neef sal lekker lag... Seker hy weet how dem groot hulle word.....

See when Chris my son, came to live with me, we went along to Bruma flea market...

Well these blooming things where there, and he begged and pleaded and promised to do the dishes and he laundry and the mowing for ever and ever................ And I should have been wiser, but at 30 I was a new daddy to a slip of a 14Yo boy, and well, long story short,  we came home with one....

Needless to say the dishes and the mowing and the laundry happened for exactly 3 days.... But the bloody pig just got biggerer and biggerer....

Nope.... never do that one again...


Harry Du Randt

Mon, 03/12/2018 - 20:45

De Deur always have bargains.

I went there every Saterday, looking for bargains.

I bought a brand new electric pump casette toilet that pulls out at the side for Froggy. Never been used, in the box.

Got a price from Sunseeker then, nearly R7000.00 I got it for R 300.00 at De Deur.