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Just a quick clock in, not much to say

Submitted by It'l Dodat on Mon, 13/05/2019 - 12:28

Middag almal

So I'm just clocking in, not that I've much to say or add to any of the topics I've seen running.

I'm busy re-configuring my Landy into a one person mobile camper in preperation for my December holy-day trip, where as I've said before, I want to go Dorp-kruip...

IE visit all the little towns that are not even on map... experience the flavor of the town, stap so bietjie rond and maby hang my hat there for a day or three

I might even go so far as to get a bicycle, but I don't want to have a trailer, as I POSSIBLY may stealth camp along the way.

My objective is to re-configure a <4x4> for up to 10 days completely off grid, and incorporate all thathiking gear I've been looking to replace over the last 30 or so years, that I posted about

Anyhow, back to my Landrover Discovery II one person camper...

I need to be able to re-configure it back to a truck, or even further back to a family car, so nothing can be installed perminenetly.

Given that you all know that I'm as tight as a camels butt in a sandstorm, together with my lack of resources like tools and such, as well as a not that great vaardigheid,  I'm making good progress.

So if anyone want's a build review, ask me and I'll post.

Some of it has been completed / some is still work in progress but functional, there is still a lot to get done, so I'm plugging away for about a half day each weekend.

So far I've got a full length (1.8m) x 900mm wide bed, a full-on tailgate kitchen & tailgate utility table, My 50L 12v Waeco compressor freezer / grocery box / gas supply / 15L water bottle 9there is 65L on the roofrack) toilet / toilet & shower pop-up screen and my backpack, which is well on the way to being kitted.

I've also got a rip-stop canvas awning that lives over the back door of the Landy

Ok so enough of me here are a few pics....

Tailgate kitchen functional, needs finishing



Freezer fitment and accessability trials... Works well..

j hkg,h ku

My bed. Everything is ontop of a platform so that I can store my solar panel under the platform. The platform started out as a phuton bed base that I had knocking around..(you know those low flat japanese beds that where alll the rege back in the 1980's?)


I built it in 3 sections so that it can all come out. took a lot of measuring and scheeming but it all worked out..


Ripstop canvas awning bought it at the de deur flea-market for R400 this was the first time I pitched it, it was one pole short... Quite a nce one, even if it's Campmaster........




Mon, 13/05/2019 - 12:46

Hi Warren!   Dankie vir die inloer smiley      Will we see you at Asvoelkrans 14-17  June vir die skouer skuur kamp?

PS.   I am glad to see that you manage to post pictures on the forum wink

Vaalpark Vrystaat

Johann L

Mon, 13/05/2019 - 13:49

Warren, I was going to e-mail you this evening to crap all over you, for abandoning us😂

Nice, looking forward to see the results at a future get-to-gather kampforum.co.za saamtrek👍


It'l Dodat

Tue, 14/05/2019 - 06:39

Pictures. Mmmmmmmmm only 4..... wish I could post twenty-four....

Kraansvoel... ek't by Professor Dr. Google gaan consultansie doen, en hy se honde is nie toelaatbaar............... Hoe kan so oue knorrige hond soos ekke nou daar opdag?

But I have been trying.... really...

I've been standing on the corner of Bok and Pritchard (Julle ooou manne ken mos... (NE!  Sies julle)!

For three nights solid I've been plugging at it so that I can afford the juice for the Landy.... No luck yet........  Pity I'm not Nigerian though.......But I'll keep plugging at it....

SIGH.... The good old days when one could easily make a jolly good income for just a few hours work........... between zuma, tax and inflation........................all gone....


OUTSHOORN..... Jong, dis n lekker plek... And I'm shure that there is still only yourselves and three other people living there... wonderlik.... Yes I've sort of got the Northern Cape in my gunsights, probily the only place left where it has not been vermorsled, and the towns are as they have always been

One other thing I want to complete is the concentration camp tour..... That was facinating....

Last time I was down Outhorn way, I rode one of those 2 legged thingimabobs (yip can you believe it....I was actually light enough, think you have to be under 70Kg and visited the caves.. Jong, that had to be last centuary....

I remember that ride well..... First I watched the wranglers riding a race.... I have to say, it's side splitting funny... looks like the riders trying his darndest to, but not "quite in the saddle"so to speak, ........... to............well.......... how to put this....

Fertilise the eggs?????

While the blooming things doing its best to run like Caster on a testosterone binge.....

Maar die beste van als..... Issi dem handbriek.... Trek hom en hy stop..... WRAGTIG... Los dit en did weeer vol-uit.... En so half-pad issit nou stadig-stap....

Na alli jaare giggle ek nog steeds oor daardie advontuur... volstruis ry.....

Then of course there was the spe-lonk.... regtig indrukwekkend.... Them-days it was not very commercialised and again, quite an adventure...

Here we have the Sterkfontein caves, and I remember going down there with carbolic lamps, and slipping off away from the crowds... The gate that stopped people going where they where excevating and eventially found mrs. Ples... I remember that as if it was yesterday....

Nowdays, with the development of "The cradle of civilisaion" it's so blooming commercalised I can't be bothered.... I don't go there, I try to keep to the memories of how it was, not what it's become..

Now that I mention it, I've been to all of the main cave systems... Kango (by you) Sterkfontien here in JHB and Sordwala up in the Eastern TVL

Sordwala was facinating.... If you go there, and stop for a moment to think how the boer's transported the ammunition for the long-tom into the caves... And the Brits could never figure out where the ammunition was...

See they knew if they could find the ammunition they could neutralise the guns.... They never did.....

It's with a sense of pride... The Boer's neutralised their own guns by blowing up the barrel.... The Brits never could....

Gives you a sense of just how eneterprising and hardy those old boer's where..... I have only the deepest respect for those hardy, tough as 10 year old dried out biltong men..... Our forefathers....

But I ramble on.....

Back to Aasvoelkraanz....

If Anton can get a permission permit for this knorrige ou toothless brak, And I can actually find the place before the weekend's verby......


Sleep nou

Wed, 15/05/2019 - 07:46

Warren ek nou lekke gelag vir jou laaste inskrywing op die draad ja ek en Berdien gaan ook Noord Kaap toer doen ek wil ook volstruis ry maar ek dink ek gaan my gat afval nice to hear from jou again old vriend