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Warren se Landy-Camper & Dorp-Kruiper

Submitted by It'l Dodat on Tue, 04/06/2019 - 07:08


So I’m planning my next series of my December adventures <only time I get sufficient leave >, in that I want to go DORP-CRUIPING during December's for a few years.

Now what the heck is DORPIE-CRUIP you may well ask.....   Well, it’s like PUB-CRAWLING, (which I’m sure most of you fellas have done), but instead of PUBS, go to all the little towns (DORPIES) where say, 1000 or less people have settled... Go there, and find out why they settled there, the history, flavour the town as it where.

I would also like to complete the concentration-camp tour adventure, that I started way way back.     To this end, I’m working towards not having to tow a trailer, and, that would mean 1 of two options. Either I put up a tent every stop, (Like I did when I di on my Vespa trip), or I sleep in my Vehicle, which, as you all know by now is a Landrover Discovery II.

What you may not know is that I was looking into the tent option at (Sien-dit-kannie-werk) Sionsberg where I had my Backpacker Kestrel tent... (The army tent over the top was because there wasn’t a stitch of shade, and well putting that up & taking it down was a whole lot better than no shade for 5 days....NE!

Out of that, I decided that it would be so much easier if I don’t have to sort out a tent & bedding every time I stop, and so I come to this part of my preparations, VIS that I can sleep in and live out of my Landy, and that’s what I’ve been busy with for the last couple of weeks..... I get about ½ a day on Sunday to indulge myself.... If I’m lucky....

I do face (as the politicians like to say) CHALLANGES... 

One, I need to be able to re-configure the Landy back to a truck, or back to a family vehicle, so everything must be removable, so nothing can be built in as it where.

Two, I’m as tight as a camel’s backside in a sandstorm, and will do whatever to spend as little as possible on these projects, especially at this stage as I really don’t know if it’s going to work out... Sides, over the years I’ve accumulated so much camping and other stuff, Why spend more when I probably have it already.

Three & Four. Although technically minded, I’m really not that proficient and my workmanship tends to be on the rough side... That’s OK if you are going for functional, and not pretty. Also I really don’t have resources like clever power tools and stuff to do the work, as I seldom need them, so why buy thousands of Rands worth of tools that just sit there.... So a good amount of hand tool and a few power tools is all I have to work with, so rough & ready it is.

Enough of the excuses, and back to the Landy.

I’m quite far along with this particular project, and SO FAR things are looking great. But from-now-on-in, things get tricky, as I’m fast running out of space....

Like for example, I had intended on using my backpack that I just recently managed to replace after some 40 years of searching, I put it on the front passenger seat, but it restricts my view out of the L mirror... So that’s back to the planning 

Long story short, I’m planning on trialling the set up at ass-voel-kans....

Anyhow, this is an already too long a post, so here are some pics of just how far things have come along...I do think it’s going to be a winner....





PHASE II  -   A lot has been done in the background, but not much at the coal-face

Remember in my first post, I said I’m tighter than a camels butt in a desert sandstorm, and I hate having to buy something when something I already have will do the job?

Well someone kindly suggested that as this project is to go crawling around the tiny towns, a bicycle might be a good idea....... And it is     But, not having a bicycle that brought on three problems...                 

Getting a Bicycle <preferably> for free, Where to mount it and   How to mount it.

So with that in mind, I took a lot of useless stuff off to the “first Sunday of every month” boot sale, so that I could “re-purpose it” into a bicycle.... Got about half way there.....

As for where to mount it, the only place would be on the FRONT of the Landy, using my front tow-ball attachment
And for how to attach it, I’ve designed a front bicycle mount... 

See the simple sketch..    I’ve also done some stuff <made guy ropes> to the awning and sorted out some ideas on the privy curtains.




Sleep nou

Tue, 04/06/2019 - 07:34

Warren super man daai landy is reg vir enige plek gaan groot en kamp n hond uit n bos

Brackenfell, Weskaap

Len Loader

Tue, 04/06/2019 - 09:43

Warren, although not my kind of camping, your project looks extremely interesting !  The idea of using a bicycle instead of crawling through those small towns, is brilliant.  It just may be that having your bicycle fitted on the Landy's front side, will be a first in South Africa.

Your bed looks quite cozy.  I know you love used items, so may I ask, your sleeping bag with the zip in the middle, is that a body-bag used by funeral undertakers ?

Thanks for sharing your great ideas.


It'l Dodat

Wed, 05/06/2019 - 06:27

Warren, although not my kind of camping, your project looks extremely interesting !  The idea of using a bicycle instead of crawling through those small towns, is brilliant.  It just may be that having your bicycle fitted on the Landy's front side, will be a first in South Africa.

Your bed looks quite cozy.  I know you love used items, so may I ask, your sleeping bag with the zip in the middle, is that a body-bag used by funeral undertakers ?

Hi Len.....

Hehehe No, but that's a jolly darn good idea, and it's paid for! NOGAL!

Ok so I did mention the camel's butt in a sandstorm thing, so here is a funny story , <well, I think so>

Brits, wobbling round the dorpie, I go past a coffin shop.... HOW much do they cost I wonder.... Go in.... EEK! you will be shocked ! ... So I ask the shopkeeper... GOSH! these things are expensive, don't you know of any "hardly-used" second hand ones?.....

He didn't get the joke.....

But that led me to do a bit of "digging".... excuse the pun.....

Turns out you can be buried in anything that's biodegradable within a timeframe of....... Oh, I forget now but it's something like 2 years....

SO............ I have a big cloth postal bag that's about 2,5M long and certainly big enough to accomodate my wobbly belly.... And I keep telling my son that that's my burial bag!

He's not amused.....

Aparantly the Muslems bury their decesied in cloth, on their sides with the knees drawn up, lying on a sand ledge that's dug on the side of the grave..... So yes... THANKS LEN! re-purposed army bivy bag!

OK, so enough of the deadwood, , <'scuse the pun> back to the post.... Actually, it's a senior officers bivy bag, and contains the sleeping bag and bedding so that it does not get wet from dew. It has a material, not unlike carpet underfelt at the bottom, and I've added a thin campmaster camping matress and a blanket woven from pure wool from Scotland...

Ok, so anybody here know what a "widow-maker" is?

Well it's a branch that falls off a tree and kills someone camping underneath the tree... The expression I believe, comes form the States.

SO here is the thing: -

I got this from Ass-voel-kans yesterday

Goeie dag
The tree for stand 84 is a big tree in the middle of the stand.

Dankie vir die bewys van betaling, sodra ons bevestiging van die bank af
ontvang stuur ons 'n nuwe opgedateerde faktuur. 

Vriendelike groete,



THE MIDDLE??????????????

Bloody hell I'm glad I'm camping in my Landrover...laugh



It'l Dodat

Wed, 05/06/2019 - 06:42

Well from the STUFF that I sold at the bootsale, I kinda got enough to get me a bicycle

and have been out to look at a trail bike and hope to look at another one soon.

So that's the progress on the project, a lot done in the background, but not much at the coal-face.

Now I need to get onto my sewing machine and make the blackout curtains



BLACKOUT CURTAIN TRY-OUTS OUTSIDE (Net om te sien hoe dit gaan lyk)








BED COMPLETED With the seat moved forward and tilted to the steering wheel, it's 900mm wide x 1.8m long, <normal camping bed dimensions> and only one thing to do to change from driving to sleeping, IE fold the top of the matress up behind the driver's seat for driving and down for sleeping




It'l Dodat

Fri, 07/06/2019 - 06:31

Again, a lot of background work's been covered but not much at the coal-face...

But before I get into that, let me explain my "development program"

To get to the critical stage, "fully functional" I need to complete the blackout curtains and the bicycle accessories, IE the rack on the front of the Landy.... Can't do it on the back, that's where my kitchen & table is..

The next critical stage is "functional try-out" and that's where Assvoelkrans comes into the picture, I'm planning to assess everything over those 4 days, so that means I need to complete the blackout curtains and the bicycle holder on the front of the Landy by then...

If everything works out at Assvoelkrans as I think it will then I'll get into the "finessing" or, "making everything look nice" phase of the project.... No use in making everything LOOK good but it don't WORK good...

So, what "background" work has been covered...

Mostly all about the bicycle...

Well, today I'm off to go and buy a bicycle, not the one in the pic, a much better one for the same price, (seller's discounted it by R500... I LOVE this dude...).....heart...... which is being paid for from the stuff I sold at the bootsale last week.... And I've begun fabricating the bicycle rack, pre-cutting stoppers and such and brought the length of 75x75x5 Angle iron (which I took out of the scrap steel skip at our rubbish dump when the workers where all drunk and not watching..... Don't think it's stealing if it's been thrown away)?......a long while back)... Any I brought it to work today so that it can be cut, on the mechanical saw but only once I have the bicycle.

I've realised a few design issues with my rack design, so I've "mentally" figured out what changes I need to do, not much, just a few small changes to do with the cable and stopping the rack from swivelling....Esentially the concept is exactly the same...

Making the rack's planned to happen at work before work time, and the blackout curtains are just a case of making time to get onto my sewing machine and do the cutting, heming & sewing, I'm planning this Sat & Sun for that







My concept is, as the bicycle stands in the pic, it will be fastened to the rack where the wheels rest / touch on the horisontal support and at the top of the verticle post.

The 75X75X5 angle iorn horisontal bar (about 1.4 long) will be bolted ontop of the the front hitch attachment (take the ball off of course) and obviously, parrallel to the bumper.... Pretty straight forward.

Even after a long time visiting aunty google and her photo album, I've never seen a bicycle mounted on the front of a car, so like my canvas caravan, I reckon another South African first by your's truly....


I was told a story of how they tried to steal a bicycle off sombody's car at the back, failed, then at the next robot, the same %&#@ tried again... (under the M2 West which is closed for repairs right now, around the Booysens area)..... J/burger's will know where I'm talking about...

If any *$%%# tries to take my bike.... Being on the front, happily, he will be flattened... Ooops I got a hell of a fright and my foot slipped off the brake and onto the accellerator.... Landy's wiegh in at about a ton and a half... enough to squash a head..... And I don't have a "lift-kit"......Grrrrr.angry





Sleep nou

Fri, 07/06/2019 - 07:45

Nice old timer you are ready steay and go for camping were ever the Landy take you eish my engels ok Warren wink


It'l Dodat

Mon, 10/06/2019 - 06:29

for now I’ve run out of time, DESPITE the fact that I’m up to my eyeballs with flue..

For some reason I thought the group camp this upcoming long-weekend, was only next weekend, and my goal was to do “functional trials” during the camp....

So, for now, there’s not going to be much happening for the next two weeks.

My end objective is December, and time’s marching on quickly, as I usually only have a half Sunday to devote to this project.

But thankfully, I’ve got it to the “rough-n-ready-fully functional ” stage.....

So what did I get done?

Well, bicycles bought from the proceeds of the boot sale I had 2 weeks ago, some bike-rack on the Front of the Landy where done, Hopefully I might just get that done during the week, and that will be super, I would have nearly achieved my target before the weekend camp.

However, I changed stoves. I bought the stove I changed to AFTER I installed the one in the picture, as it has fold-away legs, so it can be used as a “tabletop” or a free-standing.

So If I’m static camping I can use it separate from the tailgate table, freeing up a huge amount of space on the table..... The original one can only be used as a tabletop....

Well the stove came with it’s own set of problems, mostly around the gas pipe & connection to the stove and get it functional and plumbed in took me the best part of Sunday morning (From about 08:00 when I finally surfaced till after 12:00.... So bang! There went most of my time

Then I did provisional bicycle rack layout & marking off in preparation for cutting / drilling & welding, and I also pre-cut the material for the blackout curtains, managing to work out how to string them across the landy between the cab and the back.

As for the blackout curtains, the material is waterproof, woodland camouflage on one side and completely black on the other.

I’m still in two minds whether or not to NOT have the woodland on BOTH sides of the windows or ONLY on the inside with the black facing the outside

It affects stealth-ness. If there is the cammo on the outside (as per the pics) then it’s not stealth... But it looks super. If there is only the black visable from the outside, then it’s great for stealth, but not that  “cool” looking....

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  What do you fellas think??
















It'l Dodat

Mon, 10/06/2019 - 06:51

Ek't die bygekom...gt4g5g


En dissi beddegoed. Saam klein fan heater... I'm as warm as a bun in an oven.....



It'l Dodat

Mon, 10/06/2019 - 07:28

It’s in excellent condition, tyres almost brand new, and well looked after .

By far the best optin in my budget range.. (and discounted by R500) ! Love the fella.

It’s got special lightweight wheels, and Shimano de-rerailier – click system gear shift, that shows you which gear you are in. I went to Cajee’s cycle centre to get “flat” pedals, and they priced it at around R4000

Haven’t been on a bike for about 30 years.....