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A blooming eina mistake.

Submitted by TWTFAWC on Tue, 08/10/2019 - 12:07

So I accidently punched a hole in the sidewall of my left front tyre against a railway spike protruding from a sleeper I have lying against the curb-stone in my driveway

It completely destroyed the tyre....

But here is the thing... I’ve got (had) 4 matching 16” BF Goodrich’s AT’s on the bus, and the spare is different, I think it’s a Dunlop Grabber.

The BF’s are +- 60 % worn (IE 40% left) and the one on the L front is an almost new Dunlop...

So to fix this little eina, I now have to jolly well buy 4 BF’s at a cost of R3500 – R4000 a pop.....

So for now, I’m putting back the tyres it came with, which are also in the 60 % worn range.... But they are all (the same) road profiles.....

Perhaps I’ll find a proper Landrover (Series) with decient mari-biscuit tyres that dont cost a wedding and a funeral to buy, before I buy tyres.....



Hi J....


But this............. This’s not “shit happens”

“shit happens” When you the elevator opens on the fifth floor and you fall down the shaft.....

Or when you accidently douch with drain-power


This.. his is not just "shit happens"..................