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Terugslag opvolg.... nuwe tyres noodig...

Submitted by TWTFAWC on Thu, 17/10/2019 - 09:13

Terugslag opvolg....

LANGVIGATOR tyres on current new Jurgens off road caravans.. Don’t know them, anyone able to give me feedback?

So I posted that I punctured 1 of my BF’s and my spare is a road profile

That leaves me with 3 BF’s + 1 road profile and 4 previous tyres which are 40 % tread left but all road profiles

 Thanks to Johann L, (his fault)  I’ve decided to go into the Wilderness at the bottom of the escarpment, and road profiles won’t cut it...

 BF’s are R3000 – R3500 each I don’t do the weekend 4x4 trails and the 4x4 courses anymore, that faded out with Sitnievasnie, my green 90 Defender.... Old age creeping in, it’s not fun anymore, just jolly hard work...

Currently The 3 BF’s are LT 235 70 R 16 104 / 101 S

I look at the BF’s to see if it’s worth buying just 2 and installing them on either the back or the front... DOT BF I NHW II 08 07...

EEK! They were made in August of 2007.......... <08 07> So they are long past their “get rid of them date”

So I need 4 tyres.....

Pop in at Tyrepoint

Very knowledgeable chap offers me 5 LANGVAGATORS 265 / 70 / R 16 C 50% off road 50% road profile IE all terrain tread profile and I weedle him down to R7000 fitted, balanced & wheel alignment included.... Think thats a pretty good deal....

I don’t know LANGVIGATORS, so I go to the mother of all information.... Aunty Google... Seems the Jurgens off road caravans are all coming out with these tyres....

Anyone able give me input? How you find them?


Warren, ek sal vir Eddie op my groep vra, hy is nie gereeld op die Kampforum nie.

Dankie Willem... I think it's a "safe" calculated risk, VIS having no information about a particular brand, does not necessarly make the product inferior,  For the most part, over the years manufacturing methadolgy has improved considerably.... A good Tyre fitment business is not likley to risk their reputation and recommend something that's not going to perform properly. Yes I know it's not the same as BF's / Cooper's / Duellers, but really? R3500 each?

Oooo-nee-a-a............ Lyk my dis net geld maak op reputasie....

That's my gambol......

dis net geld maak op reputasie

That’s always the case. Toyota is a case in point. As soon as something becomes popular the price skyrockets. The problem is that there are enough people willing to pay the high price so the supplier can keep charging it. And that; is what supply and demand boils down to... 

Môre Chris, Warren en ander

Ek het ook in verlede by 'n "reputable" bandehandelaar bande gekoop. Drie maande later by dieselfde netwerk, op 'n ander dorp, word ek meegedeel dat hulle nie daardie bande mag verkoop nie. Dit is nie geskik vir ons somer warm paaie nie.

As dit kom by veiligheid, soos met bande, betaal ek eerder vir betroubare bewese produkte.

Chris: Jou Toyota voorbeeld val in dieselfde klas, sommige mense betaal graag vir 'n kwaliteit produk. Dis hoekom ek 'n gebruikte Hilux en Kavango [met pap batterye] gekoop het.smiley Kon amper kwaliteit kry teen goedkoper prys.


That’s always the case. Toyota is a case in point. As soon as something becomes popular the price skyrockets. The problem is that there are enough people willing to pay the high price so the supplier can keep charging it. And that; is what supply and demand boils down to... 

Exactly.... Once TWTFAWC  goes on pension.... It's Mahindra for me. The Boere in Brits LOVE  those things... And that’s really snotty clay ground there.............Good enough recommendation for me I aint buying into Landrover / Toyota..... Just too much money for what it does... get me frome here to ther and back again...



Fri, 18/10/2019 - 08:28

Ek het gister vir my 'n nuwe stel bande opgesit.  Farr Dot's - spesiaal vir grondpad.   Gistermiddag gou so 40km gaan ry om hulle te toets en hulle is awesome!


Hi Warren

No idea, will check the Brits pos for info.

According to the internet, the LANGVAGATORS are a China product. I will be a bit skeptical regarding their endurance and quality.



Brackenfell, Weskaap

Len Loader

Fri, 18/10/2019 - 09:05

Ek dink tog as dit by voertuig- of karavaanbande kom, moet 'n ou tog maar om veiligheidsredes versigtig wees met onbekende handelsname.  Aan die ander kant kan dit dwaas wees om baie duur te betaal vir 'n spesifieke "brand" terwyl jou bande nie blootgestel word aan uitdagende toestande waarvoor dit ontwerp is nie.  Ek het 'n tydjie gelede 5 Cooper bande op my Pathfinder gesit, 'n fortuin daarvoor betaal en 'n skriftelike 80 000km waarborg daarvoor gekry.  Ek ry nooit regte 4x4 nie (onlangs wel 'n graad 3 gery en niks daarvan gehou nie) en ongeveer 10 000km per jaar.  Dit beteken op 5 jaar ouderdom het ek maar 50 000km afgelê terwyl ek vir 'n 80 000km-band betaal het ! Stupid, nie waar nie ?

Op my Merc waarmee ek ook ongeveer 10 000km per jaar ry, was ek baie slimmer.  Ek het gewone Dunlop Max bande (ingevoer uit Duitsland) teen 'n baie billike prys gekoop en wat my beslis tot 5 jaar sal hou wanneer ek dit weer weens ouderdom moet vervang.

Onnodig duur koop is nie altyd slim koop nie.

Ek het gister vir my 'n nuwe stel bande opgesit.  Farr Dot's - spesiaal vir grondpad.   Gistermiddag gou so 40km gaan ry om hulle te toets en hulle is awesome!

Wonder if bicycle tyres also only last 5 yeaars..........

I'm of the opinion that not everything that comes out of China is of poor quality; there is some jolly good stuff from them, why not tyres?

There is a bit of an ethical issue to support “local is lekker” and guess where Bridgestone is............. In Brits...... But unfortunately money is money....

I’m not pushing a point here, any brand at that price would be in the running, just giving my thinking process why I’m open to an unknown brand, and acknowledge it’s a risk, the size of I’ll only know after 5 years...

Point is..............

They come recommended, by a reputable tyre company that has been fitting them for some time to a fleet belonging an organisation that delivers gas bottles... heavy stuff,  That’s a recommendation.

They have a lifetime warranty to 1mm of tread depth remaining,  or 5 years............ That seems fair

Jurgens are fitting them as OE on the off road caravans.......Or so I’m told. If that’s the case then that’s a kind of recommendation to me, one hopes they have done their homework, and found them to be OK, and not just fitting them on price alone.

Life/ milage? Not that much of an issue, with my level of usage these days, they (like me) will go vrot before they are worn out....< I also get very little "usage" these days>

Effectiveness as a 4x4 tyre? They are AT’s so probably just as good as any other AT which are for the most part 50% off hard surface + 50 % road profile.... I don’t do the 4x4 stuff anymore.....

Speed? Oh heavens no! Firstly it’s a blooming Landrover.... NOBODY who want’s to go fast buys a Landrover.... It’s so bloody slow even the car-jacker’s leave them alone, They are scared they won’t make a get-away in time.... And secondly, it’s ME you’re talking about..... at my ripe old age....ANYTHING over 80KM/h is bloody downright dangerous....

So yes, If someone has any empirical information, good or bad,  I’m open to it



Fri, 18/10/2019 - 12:29

Ek koop net Firestone All Terrain bande. Billike prys en ry lekker op teer en grond EN word deur Bridgestone gemaak maar is BAIE goedkoper. 
Wat Toyota vs enige ander gevestigde bakkie handelsnaam betref is dit soos om te sê MOET is lekkerder as ’n plaaslike MCC van R115. Dit kan onmoontlik nie soveel lekkerder wees as wat dit duurder is nie. 

Waar my wa staan


Fri, 18/10/2019 - 14:40

Ek moet verskil met jou. Moét is darem baie lekerder as ons plaaslike vonkelwyn?

Maar terug na die bande storie...... ek probeer ook maar plaaslike produkte koop, ondersteun ok maar so bietjie die ekonomie, en ja ek ry ook met "Them Stones" en is nog al die jare baie happy met hulle.

Steur my ook glad nie aan die 5 jaar storie nie. Gaan bande gereeld na vir krakies veral op loopvlak binne die groewe nog nooit probleme opgetel nie?

Snaaks vroer jare nooit gehoor van die 5 jaar storie nie?


Middag vriende

Ek was onder die indruk dat die bandehandelaar beperk is tot die verkoop van bande wat jonger as 5 jaar is.

Ek byt ook moeilik aan die ouderdomsbeperking van 5 jaar. Dit gebeur gereeld dat my spaarwiele ouer as 5 jaar word, selfs sonder om kilo's op te getel het. 


Daspoort Pretoria

Willem Brits

Fri, 18/10/2019 - 16:19

Ek het baie jare terug my Glider gekoop en almal gebruik hom en hy was al wyd.  Nou ander dag sien ek sy spaar is los wat onder vas bout, kom toe agter hy is pap, was nog nooit gebruik nie en die ander twee is nog ok, die rims se wit is al weg ge-sandblast maar loop anders nog mooi.

Ek kyk nou op sy registrasie dokument 2003-07.

Brackenfell, Weskaap

Len Loader

Fri, 18/10/2019 - 20:26

Die 5-jaar bande debat is natuurlik al vir jare aan die gang.  My Exclusive se oorspronlike 4 Dunlop Endura bande het ek eers na 8 jaar met nog 'n stel Enduras vervang, maar deesdae is ek eerder bang-jan as dooie-jan.  Vyf jaar van hierdie tweede stel is nou verstreke en ek gaan vervanging rek tot ná my Mei 2020 Wildtuin-trippie.

Wat minder bekende bande betref, is dit natuurlik riskant om 'n gebarsde band met dieselfde fabrikaat te vervang op afgeleë plekke en ons weet almal twee verskillend fabrikate behoort nie op dieselfde "as" gebruik te word nie.