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Submitted by TWTFAWC on Fri, 18/10/2019 - 15:23

My brein is nou so deumekaar soos n Landrover se wiring harness

Probeer uitwerk die kortste pad om die 10 berg pass in die OOS Kaap, daar onder by Rhodes / Mc Clear aan te pak

Oooo-nee-a-a dis nou vir jou n ding-dong-dingamelerie-ding.....



More Sleep,

Cant get a straight answer from there... 10 000 options no answer. All I want to know is the blooming sequencing of the passes starting at lady Grey... Lot's of brilliant photographs, lots about the history of ythe passes, lots about the passes themselves.... net mooi nixs how to do the route.

So the best I've got, Is a photo of a map, that I took at the Beeld show 4 odd years ago, which is not very clear and Google earth to try to work a route out....



Chapter 1

Already broken the route down into easy +- 300Km stretches, overall distance 2500Km budget cost for fuel R5000

So from JHB to Bloemhof dam is 300Km.... Nice stretch, relaxed 4H driving, can overnight at Bloemhof... Lekker braai by die dam, in-klim en slap, vroeg oppi pad.

Then I thought to go to Oriania and see what’s for what there, kyk ook of daar  enige  Boere oorlog concentrasie kampe in daai omgewing (a thing of mine) ...  and that’s also about 300Km’s

So yesterday, I pop off an email to their caravan park, “Op die oever” for 1 night’s stop over, and thought to explore the place with my bicycle & eat their Koek-sister  For 1,5 days....

(You guys DO know about the koeksister don't you)?....

Explain that I don’t need to have n voledige uitgesette kamp-plek, net n plek vir die Landy, a stort en n toilet...

 Groete W de Jager............  (Julle weet hoe dinge daar is).....


Get an answer back................. Jammer, fully booked

 And here is the awesomeness of my project..

I'm not in the least concerned that they say they are fully booked, does not change one little thing. I’m not bound by anything, full campsites / departure times / arrival times... I can do, come and go exactly as and when and what I feel like...

Sooooo happy to be able to reply,

Thank you for your reply......................................


I’m 100% sorted for roadside camping so then that’s what I’ll do... Find a little secluded spot along the road just outside town, camp there and go into town in the morning and taste the koeksister but for only one day....  I could leave the landy at the local SPAR all day! Who cares?

Then I’ll be off to Lady Grey, .... Also a nice relaxing 4,5 perhaps 5 H drive.......... Then I’ll go to the back-packer’s lodge for 2 days......

BUT..... (there is always a BUT).... One thing leads to another...... At Orania, I can’t leave Scruffy in the car for a day, so I’ll have to train her to be on a bicycle as well...

Now I’ve got a backpack for a baby to sit in.... Think I’m going to use that...... Mmmmmmmmmm

So that’s the plan so far....

Sunday, when I got back from Brits, was all about the bicycle... Finished off and finished painting the bicycle rack, cut the cam-lock tie downs & burnt the end so that they don't fray, fitted a stand to the bicycle, started looking at the sprocket protectors. Got out my rugsack for a baby and re-introduced Scruffy to it and she seems quite happy in it, so now I just got to go for a ride or two with her in it.....



Sleep nou

Mon, 21/10/2019 - 07:56

Warren soos ek lees en verstaan hoe jy die trip opbreek in dele sien ek dit gaan n groot vet jol wees vir jou happy camping old vriend

Warren soos ek lees en verstaan hoe jy die trip opbreek in dele sien ek dit gaan n groot vet jol wees vir jou happy camping old vriend


JHB to Bloemhof  


Bloemhof to Orania


Orania to Lady grey




Lady grey to Underberg


Underberg to Escourt 


Escourt to JHB



Morning Warren

Instead of using the "school map book", try google maps. You can play to hearts content,  directions, alternative options, and distances as well.

Maar ek is seker jy is wel bekend daarmee ook.


Weer by julle die naweek, Ek't self 2 van daai harvesters gesien... Case's blink rooi.... So onder die skuur ingedruk lanks die plaas pad.....

Splinternuut.... Shoe! hele klomp pennies daar gespandeur... Sien daars baie "wheat" hierdie jaar nou wonder ek julles mos groot groente wereld....

Verby Brits mall.... net  n roomys by Wimp gaan kry. Baie leeg net so klompie rondstapper's, dan verder tot uit amper by Silkaats, Links op die ou Pretoria Noord pad gaan besoek afle by die scrap-yard plek so net verby de Wilt.... Ek soek een van daai oooou 2 ceramic 2 pin-plugs, die "female" asook die fitting wat op die "Primus" gas bottle pas... Alby so skaars soos hoender tande...

Ek't ook nie daar gekry, mar nu-ja N mens kan vir 10 yaar by daai portegees gaan krap en nie eers n quart behoorlik deur gaan...

So vraagie.... die Stam leier Silkaat waar presies was sy kraal in verhouding met die teerpad wat oor gaan? ... Ek lees hy's die ou boeremag grys haare gegee...

Google maps? is dit nie op Google earth nie? jy gee jou bestemming, dan druk maps? of is daar ander way?



Is die nie die oulikste klein dorpies om met n fiets te verken? En die wile k nou sien, voodat dit verniel en vermors is.....


Against all odds an Afrikaner success story Just about all of us are keen to visit there en hulle “koeksister” gaan proe....

Lady Grey

Anton, right up your alley, a biker’s paradise. Starting only a kilometre or so out of Lady Grey there is the most breath-taking and spectacular mountain road up to the observation point above Lady Gray where during the anglo boer war the English established an observation point on the top of the hill... quite a challenge for a bike... If you really want a challenge try Joubert’s pass... You’ll be verbrokkel after that

Then at the backpacker’s lodge there is a pedal-organ museum. Established by the backpacker’s lodge caretaker who was, one of only a handful of people in the whole world who restore pedal organs. Never mind all the other stuff there...


There has to be tons of things of interest there... nice & flat, an easy and lazy pedal on the bike.....

Maclear: -

Or the Backpacker’s lodge at Maclear, a little distance out of town..... never been there....Must be awesome

I could spend at least a week just exploring the towns....


ORANIA...... So oppi over van die Orania Rivier... Jammer ek't nie plek virre vis stok...




LADY GREY.....Steeped in anglo Boer war History, with plenty to offer the cyclist




RHODES....... Lyk na n vreeslike stil plek om ju batterye te herlaai Plenty places to have a meal...




MACLEAR.... See where the backpacker's lodge is.... has to be awsome day walks there....


Middag Warren

Jip, dit was/is warm op Brits. Afgelope naweek het daar nie eers 'n windjie geroer nie, dus help oop deure en vensters niks om huis af te koel nie.

Weens die swak damwater, het die grootskaal groente en tabak boerdery omtrent op einde gekom. Ek sien dat mielies, koring, katoen en sitrus nou begin oorneem 

Hoewel ek al 30 jaar bly in Brits, maar nie daar werk, en weinig belangstelling in geskiedenis het, het ek geen idee waar ou Silkaats se kraal was nie.

Jy wonder oor Silkaats, maar wat van Saartjie se nek. Dit moes besonders gewees het.

Hoop jy vind jou paaie met Google maps.



neef Herman

Mon, 21/10/2019 - 13:21

Warren,  when you drive through the Orania township, there is a 2 spoor paadjie turning of to the right just after the last houses and close to the river.There are a few very nice spots where fishermen camp on the riverbank amongst the trees. Sandy and slopy but perfecg for a night. Take a handline with, might just hook onto a big barbel.

Handline... A bit of tackle and a hand-line... Think I can get that in.....


I'm not that dumb after all, my project's hand-picked picture-perfect for this.....

Warren,  when you drive through the Orania township, there is a 2 spoor paadjie turning of to the right just after the last houses and close to the river.There are a few very nice spots where fishermen camp on the riverbank amongst the trees. Sandy and slopy but perfecg for a night. Take a handline with, might just hook onto a big barbel.

You inspired me to dig out a rod & reel that I found at the rubbish collection site a while back and used at Sionsberg... Found a place to put the rod, (behind the roofrack brackets on the driver's side), and I'm simply going to use  a couple of long cable ties..

A small box about 6" x 4" with some dobbertjies / swivels / hooks and pap gooiers, a couple of worms, some premix groundbait in an empty hot-chockolate container and I'm done...

No rod stands / keep-net and all that stuff

A couple of houres of nixs-om-te-doen, a good book and who knows bass / barbel or carp who cares..

Thanks a ton for adding another dimension to my adventure..




So,  I’ve got to take hundreds and thousands of zupta’s (like the Zim dollar worthless since he’s left) out to actually register an attempt on the 10 passes challange... Actually about R300

I also need to send an electronic photo of the summit of each of the passes when I've done them

For this R300 I apparently get: -

A whack of information about all the passes & my photo entry's in numerical order of all the rest of the people who have done the 10 passes challenge history page...... (not shure if they pick one or how that workes but).............

So..........I’m going to make Scruffy FAMOUS!

I looked at the history page and, not one dog... Not even a doggie.... Lots of beards, quite a few ladies a whole bunch of cyclests.... But no 4 legged dogs.... (ANTON) here is something right up your bicycle....

So here is my plan....

Instead of having my lelike gesiggie plastered on the photos, I’m going to take a lekker close-up photo of Scruffy with each of the summit notice boards behind her..... and submit THAT for the history page.....

Seems like a plan.....



Tue, 22/10/2019 - 12:33


Best idea ever. In varsity we have taken a garden gnome (From someones garden) on some of our vacation adventures, taking pictures of all the places he have been and stuff he had done.

Then returning it to its owner with a copy of the pictures. He had quite a few adventures in the 4 years I attended TUKS. It was almost if he was made ready every time for his vacations new paint etc. when we "abducted " him every time. I think the owner was waiting in anticipation for him top return every February.

Bought a URal motorcycle with a sidecar (Still to be restored)  to take my boerboel Tempe on a few roadtrip adventures but sadly she died before we could do that.

I for one are looking forward to the pics


So Scruffy is registered number 231 *** Pending payment & then of course completion...

The on line application form said Driver, so I put my name.... I've asked them that, if it's not fixed in concrete tht it has to be the driver, can they change the name to Scruffy, And threw the carrot... EFT details for payment... Let's see....... Be fun if they do change the name....

SLOW: - YOU HAVE TO get another Boerbull and fix that darn Ural.... Remember, you don't want to be taking your last breaths thinking about what you wanted to do... You want to be thinking about what you have done!

NOW! get over yourself, and get onto it!!! ....

Middag Warren

Sien nou net dat die tydskrif: WEG-November 2019, 'n pragtige artikel het oor die passe en roetes wat jy wil gaan ry.


The game is on..... Scruffy’s the very first dog registered to do the 10 mountain passes challenge


I KNOW you fellas don’t believe me so here is “copy-paste” of the e-mail....


Hi Robbie

I stand in your cross hairs ! Guilty as charged, I throw myself on your mercy.....

Scruffy thanks you.... Indeed... This is  going to be fun.....


On 2019-10-23 10:57 AM, Mountain Passes South Africa wrote:

I assume this is the Warren de Jager of Suzuki Vitara +Caravan+Boat +Naudes Nek fame?


No problem. There have already been a number of pooches that have completed the challenge as well as a parrot!


But no one has actually registered a challenge in the name of a dog. I agree, it can add an element of fun. Why the heck not!

Well, Chris is finally married...

Thankfully, not an extravigant affair, (give them 10 out of 10 for that), a small affair, and it all went well... Jacky looked stunning & Chris was aqward in his suit... Ayden managed to squeeze into his (matching Chris's) suit and caylyn was in a lacy white dress to match her mum..

The sermon was quite good, The minister used a pair of scizzors as a metaphor to give councelling as to what a marrage is about..

The afterwards (about 40 people) was very nice, catering was more that enough, and A good time had by all....

Chris's mates and best man where dead set on getting him vrot dronk, So I quietly jacked his one wheel up onto some bricks, said my goodby's and left hime to deal with a car that ain't gong anywhere.... As it turn's out plans changed so he did not get drunk and they came home inststead of sleeping over...


Mostly about the bicycle, and Scruffy.....Got a few things off the TODO list.


Bought a bicycle cable lock to lock it the car / Got a cycling shirt & pants and a backpack bag to carry scruffy while I'm exploring the towns along the way

Scruffy's special dog-training waterbottle has a kind of dish that folds over the bottle and that fit's 100 % in the one bottle holder, and the other water bottle holder holds a 1L bottle of coke just fine, so that's sorted as well

MIRROR ON THE LEFT..... Decided to give my clip-on-mirror a bash, and it's OK not wonderful, but I can see without having to specifically adjust the position of my head... Mirror shakes abit but it's OK, so I think that's also sorted.

Did another trial after finishing the bicycle rack and other bits, everything OK

Scruffy is now the first dog to be registered as the first dog to do the 10 passes challange

Started putting supplies into the car... Probibly going to put new tyres on this week..

Not bad for a Sunday....


So, I've got about this far in the route planning

Day 1

1. Jouberts Pass / 2. Otto du Plessis /  3. Barkly Pass


Day 2

4. Bastervoetpad

This is my nemisis...... The one that knocked me out the water last time I gave this adventure a bash a couple of years ago, back then it was known as the 8 passes. There was a lot of rain and when I asked to locals If they thought it OK for me to do it SOLO They strongly advised me against it... I always listen to the local people.


Day 3

5. Lundeans Nek /6. Volunteershoek / 7. Ben MacDhui /

Volunteershoek can also be a game changer...


Day 4

8. Carlisleshoekspruit  / 9. Naudes Nek / 10. TTT.