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galago private bush lodge


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All the way from the 1980's

Submitted by TWTFAWC on Wed, 18/03/2020 - 12:28

Now here's a new thing...

I've been wanting to do something liike this since the 1980's, and once almost got it together to put a 1000cc Honda  goldwing motor into a 3 wheel Vespa delivery van.

Unfortunately the motor got sold out under me, and the project died....

I STILL want to put something like this together...


Middag Warren

Ek stel voor dat jy en jou parmantige hond[tjie] eerder padblokkades opsoek, en sodoende jou hond trakteer op nog 'n smulhappie.laugh



Hi Wessel & Sleep..

Ja nee, took part in a dog-show-demo on Saturday, did an agility solo with Scruffy, which went off very well, and partook in the demo of how a dog can protect you if you are unconcous.

So you lie down on a shadenet grondseil & make like you are knocked out - badly injured your phone - wallet is lying as if it's fallen out and a decoy approaches & tries to get at your phone - wallet or you... from all different directions... And your dog must defend you, obviously the dog is on-lead, but free to move around you.

The audience where quite impressed with the rottweiler... And the Shepherd But that's what you would expext from a rottie.... Right?

But it's quite another story when a tiny dog the size of Scruffy turns into a teeth snapping snarling raging ball of spikey fur and runs OVER me to another side that the decoy is trying to get close, then goes frome one side to the other snapping snarling, but always between me & the decoy...

That really made the crowd clap and I heard the audience verbally responding...they where quite wowed...

What really irritated me, was, after the demo, was the number of people who approached me with "what's my price for Scruffy" Cummon, really? put a price on the love and devotion she has for me?...

The fact that they even think that that has a price, or that in can can be melted down into a money value, tells me they are not even close to being a good owner... Dogs give that to only one person, and one person only. It is precous beyond money..


back to the scooter thing.... I dropped the photo down, for the idea of having the RTT sideways off the back, (my idea has always been to have the RTT over the kajuit at the front) but that might make it top-heavy, inside the back,  is about 200mm short for a full length bed, and that would horribly complicate the build.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....



BUT the one in the pic................ is an ELECTRIC vehicle!!!!!

Now that's very interesting..... no petrol, or as is the case with the Vespa platform, diesiel....

Need power ? Set out your solar panel, light up you stoofie brew up a cup of koffiehuis and charge up..... FREE!

THAT's really worth thinking about....... Like Voories... - down-scale, / simplify - equip with hiking - level gear & all you need is  food & water.....


Some more ideas about this: - 

For some odd reason, I think of Voories when I look at this....

Note the idea of the "slide out" at the back........... Think it would make it up & down "die hel"? surprise


Hehehe Then there is this



Morning Warren

Must say, it is a nice pose of you in second last photo, or not!!