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Submitted by TWTFAWC on Thu, 21/05/2020 - 12:46

I mentioned somewhere that, while on lockdown, I rescued a small dog from the local settlement near to where my retreat is...

Aaai toggie, the poor thing was so thin and weak, I watched him wobbling along, next to anyone, his head up looking to their faces just hoping to get something to eat..

Nobody even gave him a look

So thin his back was “roached” and he could hardly stand.. Nee-A-A... regtig....

I left a little of the dog food that I had in the Landy for Scruffy, for it and went back to my cottage, but that little dog was already in my heart, and I just could not let it go.

SIDE ISSUE:-  I came up with the neatest “car / travelling / emergency “ water bottle for scruffy... It’s a 2L coke bottle, but from a second bottle I cut the bottom off for a water bowl, and it fits snugly at the bottom of the 2L bottle holding the water... Bottle & bowl in one..... Cheap & quick....

So I used that for a bowl.....

To hell with that, the next day I went back, and bought it from the owner.....

Gosh it took me about 2 hours just to remove the ticks....

By the time I was done, the poor fella’s ears were raw & blood soaked....

But bathed, “spot-on” & a bit of muti on the wounds and a little food (not too much at one time) I began nursing it back to some semblance of normality....

After 2 days his toti could retract.....

The whole lockdown time he never left my side... Whenever I went walking he went with.... Stumpy little tail going 90 to the dozen....

Anyway, eventually I took him to the vet and had him sterilised...

That’s how he earned his name..... GOOLY-GONE..... Because his goolies are gone!

Now, every night I get home the little fella’s all over me... climbs into my lap even before I can get out of the car in the driveway.... tail still going 40 to the second....

But all the while I noticed that his ears (he’s got enormous ears) where flapped (half down)....

Last night I noticed that his ears where fully up.... Gosh does he look funny.... Like a blooming 4 legged bat!

I’ve got photo’s somewhere I must post them.....


Please help me




After bath, and ticks, and fleas..... Now to start building.... Unfortunately photos don't do justice,



Two dayslater..... I'm never goona let you outa my sight...



Sleep nou

Mon, 25/05/2020 - 13:17

Warren daai hond is gelukkig soos nooit he will leave you never out of sight wink