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Red Ons Kampeerbedryf

Daspoort Pretoria
Submitted byWillem Brits onSun, 31/05/2020 - 12:33

Ek is op dié fb groep.

Sien Prof Neels het dié geplaas ...

Our group can take the lead. The following is a draft and I need your feedback asap on the wording that will form part of the petition. You can post comments here or email me at

“Leisure camping tourists wholeheartedly support the measures our government has put in place to contain the spread of COVID19 in SA. 


Daspoort Pretoria

Willem Brits

Sun, 31/05/2020 - 12:35

FB skakel.

Dear Members, we are awaiting clarification from the Minister of Tourism.  

Herewith the latest amendments in the Government Gazette No. R43364, Volume 659 of 28 May 2020.

“Parks or leisure premises continue to be closed to the public with the notable exceptions:
- Hotels, lodges and other forms of accommodation can only host persons for work purposes; and
- Tourist attractions such as parks and game reserves (public and private) must remain closed except that “private self-drive excursion activities” are permitted. This is however qualified in that one is still not permitted to cross municipal, provincial or national boundaries to access same.

Nou wonder ek weer - hoe interpreteer die Bevelsraad hulle eie vaagheid?


Daspoort Pretoria

Willem Brits

Sun, 31/05/2020 - 12:38

FB skakel.

Boodskap ontvang van Jacqui Taylor, CEO van Agritourism Africa, waarvan ek ook ‘n lid is. Ek het haar gevra hoe ons die kampeerbedryf se gedeeltelike oopstelling in Ingrendel Fase 3 kan hanteer.

My boodskap aan haar:
“Hi Jacqui.?Hope you are well!
Who can I speak to (at the office of the Minister) concerning camping? E.g. I bring my own tent, caravan, camping trailer and I prepare my own food - would it be possible to open some campsites where guests are isolated from each other.  Some campsites offer private ablutions. Communal ablutions do need a housekeeping and sanitising protocol which needs to be put (training etc.) into place before guests can be accommodated. Your advice would be appreciated”.

Haar antwoord:
“Hi Neels - this is an important issue which I have been trying to get clarification on because many of our farmers have Nature Reserves and Protected Environments on their farms (officially declared under the Biodiversity Stewardship SANBI protected areas act). Obtaining answers from the Department of Tourism is difficult in the best of times, so my suggestion is to speak to the Tourism Business Council of SA (TBCSA), CEO, Tshifhiwa Tshivengwa. Agritourism is an Association which grants us access to the TBCSA. I will forward the number. The issue of concern from my perspective is that Minister Kubayi-Ngubane has verbally described upcoming regulations for her sector under Level 3. The Government Gazette published midnight last Wednesday was very vague which is why I presume the Minister of Tourism spoke last night. The problem is Level 3 is less than 13 hours away and we are still awaiting further written explanation. Hiking, visiting nature, game reserves etc. is allowed (not in groups). There is an obvious contradiction here: visiting game/nature reserves is a leisure activity/leisure tourism, so if the precautions as suggested are followed on a private farm with birds etc., how is it going to be legally possible to enforce legislation in all these 'grey' areas? What is business tourism for me is leisure tourism for others? So lets continue to fight for all our farmers. We agree with the basic principles - social distancing, self-drive et al - we are not encouraging the spread of the virus at all - why would we want our farmers to contract the virus? Be strong and never give up if logic defines your action. Our prayers today are for fellow South Africans during this period - they remain true to the core of Agritourism - let us never forget the suffering around us and let us make the difference we can as individuals. God Bless Africa in this time of suffering. Jacqui”

My opinie - Ek glo dat die kampeerbedryf amptelik moet inskakel by die TBCSA. Daarvoor het ons ‘n verteenwoordigende liggaam nodig, dalk onder die vaandel - “Save our camping industry”.

Daspoort Pretoria

Willem Brits

Sun, 31/05/2020 - 12:43

FB skakel.

Our group can take the lead. The following is a draft and I need your feedback asap on the wording that will form part of the petition. You can post comments here or email me at

“Leisure camping tourists wholeheartedly support the measures our government has put in place to contain the spread of COVID19 in SA. 

The lockdown regulations already has a negative measurable impact on the sustainability of close to 1 000 smaller camp sites. Thousands of direct jobs, tens of thousands of dependants, indirect jobs and the economic well-being of rural areas, smaller towns such as Bela Bela, and geographic areas that offer a substantial number of camping sites such as the coastal areas of KwazuluNatal, the Eastern and Western Cape are under severe threat. 

“Saving our camping industry” is a non-profit entity that seeks to provide input into the process of slowly opening camping as a leisure activity. Training is needed to sharpen the ability of campsites to implement a 24-hour /7 days a week sanitising protocol to keep staff and guests healthy and safe.

Our thinking is that a specific protocol should be developed for the camping industry to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Social distancing measures and continuous sanitising measures must be in-place up-front.

We propose that the following three camping scenarios be immediately considered and implemented as soon as possible:

Lockdown 3
(a) - Rustic and self-sufficient camping. In Lockdown 3 - inter-provincial travel for rustic, entirely self-sufficient, and isolated camping is allowed. Guests provide their own tents, tent-trailers, caravans, motorhomes (camper vans), bring their own supplies along, including water, prepare their own food, and provide their own energy-generating (i.e. portable gas and solar systems) and ablution facilities (i.e. porta-potti and solar-powered shower systems). Guests observe social distancing and participate in rigorous sanitising processes.
(b) - Limited-scale private leisure camping. Inter-provincial travel for limited-scale leisure camping purposes is allowed. Guests use their own tents, caravans and motorhomes (camper vans), bring their own supplies along (including drinking water, wood and charcoal), prepare their own food, observe social distancing and participate in rigorous sanitising processes. The camp site provides a private bathroom per camping stand (not more than 4 guests per camping stand) that contains prescribed hand-sanitising technology. Staff do not interact with the guests at all. When guests leave the camping stand the bathroom and camping stand are thoroughly sanitised according to a fixed protocol. Cleaning and maintenance staff must be provided with prescribed masks, gloves, clothing, overalls and footwear.
In Lockdown 2
(c) - Limited-scale communal camping. Travel to and from an adjacent province is allowed for limited-scale leisure camping purposes. Guests use their own tents, caravans and motorhomes (camper vans), bring their own supplies (including drinking water, wood and charcoal) along, prepare their own food and observe social distancing and participate in rigorous sanitising processes. The camp site provides communal ablutions that contains hand-sanitising technology. Not more than 4 guests per camping stand. One ablution facility (shower/bath, washbasin and toilet) per five stands per gender. E.g. for a camp site that offers 20 camping stands at least four ablution facilities (shower/bath, washbasin and toilet) inside the communal ablution per gender must be provided. Camp sites that offer small stands (less than 12mx12m) should keep one stand open between two stands. These ablutions contain self-sanitising technology. All ablution cubicles are thoroughly sanitised as prescribed by the prescribed protocol. Staff and guest interaction is kept to a minimum and staff must be provided with with prescribed masks, gloves, clothing, overalls and footwear.

Middag Willem

Sal jy sommer my kommentaar aan die Prof deurgee.

1] Ek glo dat menige kampeerder die voorstelle aanvaarbaar vind. Ek is self bereid om self die ablusie- oppervlak ter sprake elkgeval te ontsmet vvordat ek kontak maak. 

2] Die vraag is----sien die woonwaparke kans om die voorstelle te implementeer. Dit is relatief maklik in die geval met privaat ablusie, maar die toedeling van gemeenskaplike ablusies kan effe moeilik wees.

3] Woonwaparke se insette tot die document moet ook bekom word.






Mon, 01/06/2020 - 14:09

Ons oorreguleer al weer. Ons bly nie in Duitsland of Australië nie, en die meerderheid van die bevolking vee in elk geval hulle gatte af aan regulasies en maak soos hulle wil. 
Ons is almal grootmense en behoort vir onsself te kan dink. Almal is ingelig oor die virus en hoe om die verspreiding te voorkom en kan self die basiese maatreels tref. As ‘n winkelsentrum se toilette gedeel mag word, hoe kan gedeelde ablusie by ‘n oord erger wees? Ek het ‘n stort, wasbak en kamptoilet so my gesin kan kampeer sonder om naby ander mense te kom. Hoekom mag ons nie? ‘n Oord het ordentlike rekords van wie, wanneer daar was met kontakbesonderhede terwyl ‘n supermark daagliks etlike honderde klante kry wat in rye staan om in te gaan en om te betaal en geen rekord hou daarvan nie. Watter een is ‘n groter risiko?
Ons grootmense dink ons kry swaar met die inperking. Kom ek sê vir julle dis maar erg vir die kleintjies ook. Hulle verstaan nie werklik wat die “siekte” is en hoe alles inmekaar steek nie en hulle moet net heeltyd tuis bly. Ons mag winkel toe gaan en gaan werk. My twee het so drang vir uitkom dat hulle uit hulle velle gespring het toe hulle Vrydag om die beurt saam met my kon ry om my twee voertuie vol diesel te gaan maak ‘n km van my huis af. 

Waar my wa staan


Mon, 01/06/2020 - 14:26

Ek verstaan nie hoe werk die inperking nie!

Sien vamore dat Fairhills oop is vir langstaners? 

Vriende van my kom Woensdag hiernatoe (Shammah) hulle kom vir twee maande. Die bestuur het vir hulle ń permit gereel om van Gauteng Limpopo toe te ry. Al wat nodig is, was om te bevestig dat hulle vir twee maande hier ingeboek is, toe kry hulle ń permit?

Nou wat sou die groot verskil wees tussen ń 14 dae kampeerder en ń maand kampeerder?

Vriende van ons besit ń redelike upmarket gastehuis in Kaapstad. R1000 ppn sonder etes. Die plek se naam is The Pillars. Sy het toesteming om oop te maak, vir esensieele werkers, maar ook vir ander wat in die provinsie is. Sy mag net nie mense van buite die provinsie inneem behalwe as hulle ń werkspermit het.

So, nee ek verstaan glad nie die reels nie?

Lyk my as ń plek self ń voorlegging maak dan kry hulle wel toesteming?

Terloops daar staan huidig so tien paartjies in Tsippise?

Yellow Sands het ook n klompie mense wat daar kamp.

Nie een van die plekke is sogenaamde residentieele oorde nie, enigste verskil is dat hul langstaners inneem. Dit is dus ook hoekom Richards Bay en Stormsrivier ook nog oop is.

Waar my wa staan


Mon, 01/06/2020 - 14:29

Terloops nie Shammah, Tsippisse, Richards Bay, Yellow Sands of Fairhills het privaat ablusies nie.

Hier ontsmet die skoonmakers die ablusie twee maal per dag.

Middag Chris WH

Jy is reg, hier word oorreguleer en oor-reageer.

Ek dink as mens kyk na die profiel van kampeerders, sal jy 'n lot gedissiplineerde mense vind. Met ander woorde dit is mense wat meestal[?] gehoorsaam is en nie hulle blakers aan die voorskrifte sal afvee nie.

Laat ons nie dieper kyk na die profiele van die persone wat  deur die kampeer-inperking geraak word nie. Dit het dan natuurlik betrekking op die oordeienaar, sowel as die kampeerder.

Moet net nie kritiseer nie, want dit kan die virusspan nie hanteer nie, en gaan hulle 'n Prof Gray op jou uitoefen



Van kamp en virusse gepraat.....Ons weet dat daar heelwat kampers is wat ewe rustig hulle karavaan se badkamer grys water op die grond laat uitloop tot groot ergernis van sy bure. Party glo ook dat die grys water "skoon" is! Wil nie hiermee die draad kaap en 'n gryswater draad begin nie....MAAR daar is nou heelwat bewyse dat gryswater (soos stort of wasbak water) asook swart water wel die SARS-Cov-2 virus se genetiese materiaal dra as dit die grys of swart water is van iemand wat wel covid-19 positief is (maar nie noodwendig simptome wys of dit weet nie) - party lande begin die feit ook nou gebruik as 'n vinnige toets om konsentrasies van covid-19 gevalle in 'n spesifieke plek op te spoor, het erens gelees daar word nou ook daarna gekyk om ons rioolwater te begin monitor hiervoor.

Laat my nou mos wonder...wat as die ou wat voor my op 'n staanplek staan, die plek vol gryswater (selfs swart water?) mors, sy virusse daar los, en ekke daag heel onskuldig op en word die trotse ontvanger van 'n klomp virusse? Ek bedoel mos, daai staanplek sal sekerlik nie gesaniteer word tussen kampers nie?

Waar my wa staan


Mon, 01/06/2020 - 16:38

Goeie punt wat jy maak. Nog nie daaraan gedink nie!

Maar ek glo met sterk bestuur kan mens daai probleem oorkom?

Ek het nog net een keer in al my jare van kamp ń kampeerder gesien wat sy stort water by die stort laat uitloop na struike toe.

Ek het met die man gepraat, was my buurman. Ek het nie eers daai tyd aan virusse gedink nie, maar hy lok vlieë. Hy het gevoel ek is kinderagtig, toe praat ek maar med die oord bestuurder.

Hy get die man die keuse gegee om sy grys water in die drein te gaan gooi, of om op te pak. Verder het ek persoonlik nog nooit iemand gesien wat dit doen nie.


Johann L

Mon, 01/06/2020 - 18:34

Chris WH, ek kan net 100% met jou saam stem.

Ek en my vrou was vanoggend dorp toe om vir ons kleinkinders winters klere te gaan koop,  en so paar goedjies vir my vrou. Die mense staan ordentlik in die ry,  almal met maskers op, elkeen wag sy beurt af. Die klere winkel, soos ons Spar, ontsmet jou hande asook die mandjie / troley ens. Almal is gedisiplineerd. Hoe gaan die virus so kan versprei?

Nou kom ons terug en ry verby die taxi rank, liewe ouers, daar is manne met kaste bier. Vannaand is hy so dronk, en slaan sy arme vrou half dood,  en versprei virusse asof dit mode is. (Tensy hy bymekaar maak, in geval hulle weer toe maak?) Ek praat nie net van swart mense nie!!!

Sy, my vrou, wys my op fb, mense staan glo al van 04:00 voor drank winkels in rye. (Ek sluk maar waar aan die 4uur storie). Hier kom nou 'n verspreinding soos min.

Ons is nog altyd baie bewus van higiene in ons lewensstyl, dus, gaan kampering geen daad werklike verandering vir ons mee bring nie,  behalwe dat ons van nou af, onxceud santering middels gaan saam vat ablusies toe.

Wat grys water betref, ek het lankal my sê gesê, ek gaan nie hieroor uitwei nie.

There was Aids: - You got it,             You died.            There was no medication.

This was the approach: -

This is the danger... blah blah blah

This is how you avoid the danger blah blah blah

Make your choice.....

Tens and tens of thousands of people died.. Those were the ones that didn't take heed.....

Millions and millions of people survived.... Those where the people who did take heed....

There was no "lockdown", no making people who took heed of the the advice suffer the consequences for those that didn't.

Here, we have a threat where only a relatively small number of people die, by far the majority survive, and now, I, who have only 3 rice grains of intellegence and DO take heed,  have to put up with all this crap an be tarred with the same brush as the bloody immature idiots who don't take heed....

And not only here..... over the entire world! What the hell's the point of "doing the right thing & follow the regulations? " then still get punished and have to put up with this?....

And what for? the infantisimally small number of people who do die?

Remember, MOST of the deaths (the governments won't say) are from pre-existing conditions anyway....

over 60... get over yourself.. you"ve had a good run... we all die.... Death is a deasese... Its called old age...

Self inflicted cronic problems that have depressed the immune system.... I have to put up with crap to help the alcholocis and chain smokers? BULLSHIT!..

After making life choices at a very young age to NEVER smoke or EVER drink anything alchohol.... For my entire existance?

With all due respect to everybody...

It's called natural selection.......... Let's get on with it....

Just like crossing the street when I have to get to the other side, I do not use a "zebra crossing".... I cross with all due care...... The choice is mine........... I make the choice like an adult............

Just like following the  "crossing the street" rules Ive never followed the regulations, even during the lockdown.....

I apply good mature common sense, I know the risk, I know what the measures are... but PHOKIT If I want a tin of bloody paint, I'm going to buy a tin of paint, even if I need to go to 5 hardwares to get the right color.... I am NOT going to stay at home and not do this and only do that....

I'll buy my #@cking paint when I want a tin of paint, I'll do it, with adult judgement and due care applying the avoidance measures... That's my stuffing choice...

rant over




Tussen hemel en hêl


Fri, 05/06/2020 - 08:36

Mense is  tog sekerlik nie diere nie, en sodoende die vergelyk appels met appels dan.

Die HIV analogie...... As mens poog ons nie altyd om beter te doen  deur te leer uit die foute wat ons in die verlede gemaak het nie? As ons sien iets het nie in die verlede nie goed uitgewerk nie, beteken dit dan dat  ons sommer ook nie weer moet probeer nie?

LOL, lets see if above gets uncle doThat ranting again!.


Tussen hemel en hêl


Fri, 05/06/2020 - 08:42

Toe ek jonger was, nie meer `n suigeling nie, maar ook nog nie `n bier drinkeling, het ek eenkeer `n boekkie gelees.

Dink sy naam was: Die eie ek en die groot  ek. Het my nogal baie beindruk.



Waar my wa staan


Fri, 05/06/2020 - 08:54

Geesie goed gestel, ek wou ook op die Wildebeeste en HIV antwoord maar los dit toe maar liewer, raak mieg om elke keer op die selfde ou argument net in ander woorde te antwoord.

Maar gepraat van ons moet alles los en dan sal die sterkes oorwin/oorleef?

Hoekom wil ons nou die kampeer bedryf red??

Los dit net soos dit is, die swak oorde sal toemaak en die sterk oorde sal van krag tot krag gaan?


Sleep nou

Fri, 05/06/2020 - 08:55

Nou eers die draad gelees en ek glo was maar jou hande maak seker die ou toilet sitplek afgevee met sanitere ou lappie dink voor jy iets doen en wees versigtig en ja kamp moet ons kamp

LOL, lets see if above gets uncle doThat ranting again!.


The missing link is that the virus enters the body through the mouth, nose & ears.

So the first barrier is to sanitise, so that the virus does not get onto your hands, and then you touch / fiddle with your nose mouth or eyes.

THE MISSING LINK Wash your hand as per the guidelines before touching your mouth nose or eyes...

Social distancing & masks is to prevent the vius being ejected into the atmosphere around you... mask on the other person is to prevent vapor... mask on you is to prevent inhalation.

If we do this at the resorts.... We will be ok.... Even if the virus has been tranferred to the vanity slab at the basins, if you wash your hands properly before touching your face, you are OK

Far too much attention is being made of the toilet seat, the piepie-plek-thingie and so on..

Safeguard yourself with the missing link.... (onhou wat ouma-grootjie ge-se)....

kind gaan was jou hande... Die ou mense as nie so dom nie.... Hulle is nou weg, en ons het te slim geraak....

IT FRY-ING day!!!! Yaaaaaaaay