galago private bush lodge


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Can't stand this no more....Going camping next weekend

Submitted by TWTFAWC on Thu, 30/07/2020 - 06:34

Called the owner of the farm where I have my weekend retreat...

Told him I'm delivering his 10 Plastic fan rakes <I collect the setting scraps and give them to him no konkling, it's all above board> and 480 obsolete waterproof cable joiner's, so that he's aware <in case>

Put that lot on a hand invoice, < with his telephone number, just incase> so that it's all above board and there is no "konkling" going on, asides it's all arranged....

Got my "essentiasl services" supply-chain, <electrical goods> permit,.................... Got an invoice, .............Got a tank full of petrol............... Got me a sweet innocent face..... What more does one need to go camping....

Hope Impala's open for their "kinds & pap" on Sat Morning... & get some lekker steaks or wildvleis Think I'll try & e-mail them.....

Then it's round and round in Brits, Off to Stokkieddraai <if they are open> for a Oh-so-yummy gynormous burger.... , Go to fruit & veg & buy saladie things back to my cottage, and I'll throw some wild-vleis steaks on the braai....

Say howzit to my rinkaals buddies,  AND CHILL!!!!!

Bring the cable joiner's back with "wrong item delivered" written on the delivery note



Brackenfell, Weskaap

Len Loader

Thu, 30/07/2020 - 08:41

Warren, ek hou van jou BMP (nee, nie BML nie, dis boer maak 'n plan).  Ons weet nou van jou voorneme vir die naweek, maar sal graag teen Maandag foto-bewyse van jou naweek-retreat wil hê.

Môre Warren

Impala slaghuis is oop vir geld uitgee. Ek het die indruk gekry laas Saterdag dat hulle buite kombuis oop is---- vir take aways. Jy moet maar gaan kyk.


Boe is die amenities

Hier's my plekkie

lekker weg-gesteek inni bos....







Kubayi-Ngubane also said that leisure travel accommodation will be allowed within provinces.

Quote - unquote, from the article...

Operative word, within... crossing provincial borders for leisure still not allowed

Besides, with the level of cognative ability of them what's enforcing this not-so-funny-joke..... Wouldn't want to take the chance....

But thanks all the same...


Willem... dankie...

Could go to that junk auction place opposite, then go to Impala....

Oooooo I could do a pap & kinds take-away.... Go back to the hills & sit up there there and have a picnick.... say Hi to Mr. Chuckma and his 40 wives & kids!

There's a funny thing... When I use the vehicle from the fasrm to go into town for the owner, which is a white toyota bakkie.... The Baboons run like hell................ When I use either my platkar or the Landy ag......... they don't even bother to walk away.....

Seems they've learnt... White bakkie = bang-bang-thing...... Anything else = not worth the energy of a second look! laugh


neef Herman

Thu, 30/07/2020 - 18:45

Geniet jou naweek Warrem, like daai Skack van jou baaie. Lyk soos die ou Beach Cottages van Konkibaai, hel daar het n mens darem gekuier, sandvoete was in die huisies toegelaat.

Bennanta says she loves your…

Bennanta says she loves your kitchen👍

Dankie Neef... comming from you that's a huge compliment...

Johann, Se saamblief vir Bennanta ek se baai dankie, Ek't alles daar, maak deur oop en ek's "op holiday"!

I built all of this myself, and for interest's sake this is exactly the same rustic atmosphere I'm with my cottage at the house that I've been posting about... It's just so relaxing....

Specially for bennanta: - So paar nog after I did a bit of tarting up.... wall paper & so on...

Micro / yskas (net om te wys, het alli amenities or as my Jewish bobba would say..... Wan't for nothing)



kombuisie (1)



Kombuisie (2)



My skuif voordeur se handvatsel.....  ou cadet geweer....nogal oulik



Buite eet- kamer en braai (links vanni voordeur).. That table next to the wheel-rim braai, that's 2 raw granite rocks that I moved in... I use three M20 bolts & nuts between the base and the top to keep the top rock steady


Weetnie hoekom sideway's / weetnie hoe om om-te-dop   maar anyway..... "wet bathroom"


Brackenfell, Weskaap

Len Loader

Fri, 31/07/2020 - 09:05

Maggies Warren - thanks for all the phodies !  You can see a male is in charge in this great retreat !

Brackenfell, Weskaap

Len Loader

Fri, 31/07/2020 - 09:17

Warren, nou waar is die Dover stofie ?  Moenie vir my sê jy het nie 'n Dover-houtvuur stofie nie.

Warren, nou waar is die Dover stofie ?  Moenie vir my sê jy het nie 'n Dover-houtvuur stofie nie.

Len Loer Lekker photo 5 oppi rots tafel, in n kleintjie

hier's a photo van hom


Whats nice about mine it's complete with it's ash tray, which is as scarce as a chicken's top tooth...


Just so by the way, That "ball" on the top... It's a very old rice cooking thing... Back in the old days rice was kept in bags and it was not so nice & clean, also it was vert "starchy"...

So to wash it without having to skep the rice, they put the rice inside and boiled, took out the ball with the rice inside, threw off the water and started again

Quite interesting....