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WARREN One plan is no plan continued

Submitted byTWTFAWC onMon, 13/09/2021 - 06:19

I took delivery of my Uberscooter on Friday, and thankfully I can pick it up on my own BUT...

I had planned to stow it ontop of my luggage box ---

Driving trials where not sucessful.. the extra 25Kg causes the whole box to flex so I had to re-think that ---

The only other place for it is on my bed --- Which is not that much of a problem: -

The Implication is that I'll have to take it out whenever I stop over (Like I did with my water when I toured the mountains). Since, for now I'll only be taking it with on long trips, (until I retire & become nomadic) that means December trips And I'll have to chain it to one of the wheels or something.

I'm glad to have it, it (replaces) and gives me a workable backup plan if things go wrong and I'll be able to ride around and go sightseeing














I had considered that, Certainly It would be below the height of the bonnet and out of the driver’s view, but it’s a lot more “bulky”, both wider & heavier than a straight forward bicycle, so the bracket would have to be correspondingly more substantial ---- With the bicycle tryout, I made a simple angle-iron base bolted to the tow-eye --- This would necessitate a “bull-bar” type of mounting.

To do that, I have to cut out the underside of the front bumper & things get complicated – beyond my capabilities, so I would need to have it fabricated --- That would be expensive.

I’ve scouted around for a bull-bar <then it might as well be a winch mount, <which I don’t need>, ---- That will cost about 25 000 and to fit it, around 5 – 6000 --- Then what use is having a bull bar if you don’t fit a winch? ----- There you are looking at another 15 – 20 000 and again to fit,  around the 5 000 mark That’s  in the order of 60 000. Eeek !

On the subject of winches ---- All the manufacturers are moving to plasma rope. The plasma rope is NOT COMPATABLE with a ROLLER FAIRLEAD! So just bear in mind, +- R3500 for a plasma rope & if you have a roller fairlead ------ Yip ---- Anything from R1000 to replace it with a fairlead.

So back to “mounted on the front” --- For R60K, I’m happy to put it inside once a day ----

Its actually an easy process put it in as far as I can, then by pulling from the passanger door slide the cheap sleeping bag I use to protect the bedding forward & it's in -- getting it out just the reverse ---

I kinda over engineered things around the problem of removing it once a day - it's really not an issue

Why have it? --- The Uberscoot,  that is----------- I can well imagine that everybody’s having a good laugh at me ---   ---- It gives me peace of mind – that’s all that counts --

Brackenfell, Weskaap

Len Loader

Mon, 13/09/2021 - 09:41

Warren, can it not stand upright on top of the spare wheel ?

 Thought that might be fun ---- And gell’s with my Idea of having a tuk tuk as a camper --- But, it’s not for use on the road

Anton, I’ve toured the length & breadth on bikes back in the 70’s 80’s & even into the 90’s

There it was simply a tarp / a blow-up swimming pool li-lo / army sleeping bag / the next roadhouse / toothbrush & costume ---

T500  Suzukie / GT 500 Suzukie / 650 shaft Suzukie Katana / Honda 750 K 3? 4? / Goldwing / the big six Honda ---- had em all

And I had carefree freedom ---- The last “right around SA” Trip on a bike I did on a Vespa ----

But now I’m older --- and 3 reasonably major accidents wiser ------


Considered on-top of the spare as well - But

 There is already considerable weight on the rear door from the spare wheel ---- I don’t want to be pulling the hinges out of the door or door frame Kinda be penny wise pound foolish



Mon, 13/09/2021 - 12:43

Can’t you make a plan with something like below? Your scooter is much lighter than a motorcycle, so perhaps you can engineer your own ramp which is mounted on your luggage box bracket so it can swing out of the way. 




Mon, 13/09/2021 - 13:08

Or if you fit a towbar to the front of your vehicle and put the ramp on that it’ll still be a lot cheaper than R60k (and make it a lot easier for people to tow you).

That be true --- Did not look at a bike ramp on the front, but I still would have to have it < or a towbar fitted < doing that is beyond my capability - tools -resources & vaardigheid> and That would be around the 5K mark so looking at the 9 - 10 K?

Sides, with the box on the back it's gonna make my bus looooooong

Thanks for the idea, but I'm really OK with it being inside




Here are pics of it packed inside.

For them what worries about weight --- I also worry about weight  and that's one of the main reasons I think it's very suitable ---It only weighs 25Kg,

Picking it up to the height of the bed is quite manageable ----- The problem is to lift it higher ---- You kinda got to "super-lift" to get your arms under to be able to lift higher THAT'S the problem the "super-lift"

Then once it is in far enough I just pull the old sleeping bag that protects the bedding from behind the driver's seat and the whole thing slides in --- done!

As you can see from the last pic, everything is still accessable - <The yellow> is my stove, my tailgate chuckbox <kitchen> is to the left / gas bottle / inboard water everything still accessable

So I'm happy with that --- Yes it's a nucence to have to take it off the bed ach time I want to snooze / sleep / power-nap if I get drowsey when I'm driving --- But that's the trade off --- Peace of mind if I get stranded over taking it on and off the bed


On the bed, bag partially zipped open




In it's PVC bag