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Army stuff...

Submitted by TWTFAWC on Thu, 21/05/2020 - 06:54

So when I was at my retreat during the lockdown, I came across 2 spare army fire-buckets...

That's the stainless-steel mug / cup waterbottle protector that the waterbottle goes into....

Using a small angle grinder and a cutting blade I chopped one down, removed the handle, cut a square hole through it, and bent over some tabs for supports and VIOLA! another cooker for my collection.

I start a small twig fire, turn it upside down over the fire, put my fire-bucket on the bent over tabs and boil / cook up.... Took me 15 min to get rolloing boiling water....

You do get the manufactured article, but I've never seen one, and have been after one for years......


I've got pics, I'll post them sometime...



Sleep nou

Thu, 21/05/2020 - 07:34

Myself looking for the army diksies i know the spelling is wrong and then that virk mes lepel combo mye was gesteel deur vorige huiswerker


Fire bucket burner


Water just beginning to boil



Finished. I cut the height so the when it's over the firebucket, it does not add to the overall height, and the 2 pieces then fit into the canvas waterbottle holder that goes with the webbing, or as we used to do have extra waterbottles on our webbing waist belt. When assembled, the bottom of the fire-bucket site right up against the bent-over tabs, and the handle goes into the square cut out...

The square hole is to feed sticks & fuel into while it is burning




Hi Warren,

Long time no talk - since we sold the van I was cautious to post on the forum as for the fact that we are no longer "active" campers.

What cannot be changed is the Army service of 42 years, 2 months and 24 days.

Excellent idea you got with the fire buckets.

Single best advantage is that the damn firebucket will not fry your bottom lip anymore after boiling the water over a fire, just using the firebucket.

It will still be damn hot but one should be able to handle that in a moment of memory loss.

Enjoy in any case.

I might have been pressurized to sell the Surfer but my camping basics are still intact and I will be able to survive with the remains of my army cooking utensils, dixies and a few other things wich was not on my Logistic file anymore when I "klaared out" ( hows that for rooinek army tale). He He

Daspoort Pretoria

Willem Brits

Mon, 25/05/2020 - 10:58

Nou wie het gesê jy mag nie meer hier gesels nie ?

Jy kan steeds julle kampe met ons deel ?

and a few other things wich was not on my Logistic file anymore when I "klaared out"

Hi Andre Please don't stop posting...

Kampeering vaardigheid is probibly the most important assett in this thing we do.... How else are we to learn anything at all if gentlemen like you don't throw your logs on the fire....

hehehehe Yes me too... I "discovered" a 2 plate stove in my balsak when I hit the State-side from Rundu.... Ain't got a cooking clue (excuse the pun) how it got there... That's my story an' im a stickin to it...

Long story of finding it abandoned behind the kombuis at Rundu, (or was it Oshaks)???? Jushing it up with soap-n-water tuning it, and getting it nice, storing this thing that was not on my logistics file in an ammo box, in a hole in the ground under my bed in the tent, which made me the most popular kid on the block,....... And then.... well it found its way into my balsak and stowed away on the flossie and that's when I discovered it back here in the States...

Been my go-to stove ever since..... used it at Maba-lielik-lieg.

Now that I've changed my camping style to touring, I need a narrower stoofie, so Ive taken it to my weekend retreat as backup for the eishkom problem....


Hi Warren en anner Maters,

That was definitely not the only item gatvol for Border duty.

We smuggled a Basset Hound from Oshakati back to the States after being lured to the Base with tins of Bully Beef. His owner got so fed up with the dog digging trenches under the house's fence to escape to the Base that he in the end asked us to take him with us.

Ek het selwers 'n stofie presies soos daai groenetjie van jou. Die Tegniese Makkers by Denel Land Systems het hom net 'n bietjie van 'n facelift gegee en om hom finaal van die Army te vervreem is hy nou brilliant white geverf en geen trace van Olive Drab oor op hom nie.

Dankie vir die "verwelkoming" Willem, maar jy weet kan jouself mos indink he dit moet voel om van "buite" met pisogies te kyk hoe lekker die maters nog kamp en die een Wildtuin toer na die ander uitgestel moet word. He He.

Sal steeds my straaltjie pieps as ek dink 'n man kan positief bydra tot 'n onderwerp.



Waar my wa staan


Tue, 26/05/2020 - 09:05

Andre, man dit is nou sommer baie lekker om van jou te hoor!

Ek sal nooit vergeet, omtrent 8 jaar gelede het ek gevra op die ou forum hoe is die kortpad van RB na Tsipishe.

So baie mense het my afgeraai, toe kry ek uit die bloute ń foon oproep van Andre, jou nie van ń kant af geken nie. Sê toe ek kan daai pad met gemak ry, wat ek toe gedoen het en lekker gery.

Ek o thou maar so al die mensr wat my deur die jare bygestaan het!

Warren die groen stofie werk verseker soos n bom ek like

 Dan sal jy vir-seker van die een hou.. Spilnternuut-

As ke so naa die "bluing"van die branders kyk, is dit net toe dit in die fabriek getoets is...

Alhowel die gas lampie wat saamkom al n paar keer gebruik, hy's saam die stoof-kit...

En hy is compleet saam  sy spares kannetjie, volgens die etteket op die kannetjie, het nog alles binne.... Opgetel in n pandjies winkle in Boxburg vir R500....

Dit het n 40 yaar vraag opgeklaar... Ek het altyd gewonder waaom die veer in die windskerm, en die clips onder dit pot staande....

Nou ja, die veer is om die spares kannetjie te hou en die clips is fir die gas lampie














Wed, 27/05/2020 - 17:55

What a find, thanx for sharing!

I like the adapter to allow both the burner and lamp to be used simultaneously.

Looks like you can even bake an egg or keep your cup of coffee hot on top of the gaslamp.

Only "shortcoming" I see is no key to open the bottle / adaptor as part as the kit, or maybe I just don't see the mounting clips if it has such?


Thanks for posting in It's nice to get responses..

The way the adaptor works is like this: -

The adaptor screws into the top of the gas bottle, and you screw the lampie into the top of the adaptor.

Between the gas bottle at the bottom and the top, there is an un-regulated take off that goes to the stove. (the gas pipe)

The gas to the stove is regulated  / switched on - off by the knoppies at the front of the stove.

At the top of the adaptor is the standard gas gas bottle fitting for the gas bottle key.

By turning the key, you regulate / switch on or off the gas supply to the lampie.

There is a gas bottle key inside the spares kannetjie.... I just used one of mine..

Baking eggs on the top of the lampie...laugh

When I used to stand radio beat in the ops room, I used to put my fire-bucket ontop of the lampie to keep my coffee / milo / hot chockolate (depending on the mood of the "coookie") hot!

See, the "cookies" would brew up one of those stainless steel holders of the stuff, and there was always a lot over that got cold and usually got thrown away.... I kept the coffee with me, until I got off  beat, because I was able to keep the stuff hot!....

While on the subject of army stuff.... How's this... if you did service on the border, I'm sure you had what we called "Staaldak stew"... basically a menglemoes of anything put into someones staaldak and cooked... Bullies, wambo-piele (sausages in brine..... Remember them?)  YUCK!!!..sad... doggies (dog biscuts) any blooming thing....

Jaaaa-neee... But here's the kicker... The trucks never stopped once they where going.... So if you had to poop... ... surprise.... surprise....(And we pooped a lot)!.... You pooped in your staaldak, and passed it down to the back to get thrown off....

Sometimes you where lucky and you got your staaldak back! Mostly though it was unceromonously thrown away with your poop....

Ne! Army life....crying

So anyhow, in rememberance of that, I upped and made a staaldak pootjie.... here are a few pics

Thankfully, it's never been pooped in!laugh

When the stew is cooked The staaldak comes off the pootjie burner, and goes into another staaldak to keep it from falling over.... makes a nice table setting with army dixies and pikstelle and a few small rocks on a table using cammo netting for a table cloth as a table setting.....

The lid was laser cut for me by Alberton steel to the oval shape of the staaldak

Quite a success story to make it... I tried many times, with the idea of welding three legs on the outside, like a drie-poot-pot... But every time it leaked.... Seems that the metal of the staaldak is an alloy and not steel, and you can't just weld on it. Anuyhow I "found" the pootjie burner and with a bit of "tjuneing" (like a Brakpanner-amma-plotter would say) Bingo! years later a meemory of the army of eating out of a toilet!..laugh




paint / coating stripped out, so no poop!








Thu, 28/05/2020 - 20:29

After seeing your stofie I dug up my old camping PRIMUS combo given to me by my father`s sister in the late 80`s. Packed away and never used since then!

Cylinder, Gas burner / Cooker top and Gas lamp in original packaging! Some details and info as follows:

  • Cylinder = PRIMUS 2005 – Made in Stockholm Sweden according to the label on it.
  • The following is stamped on the bottle around the valve.
    • TARA – 1.62 KG
    • FYLL – 0.82 KG PROPAN
    • V – 2.0 LIT
    • Current weight is about 2.54 kg – 100% full!
  • The following is stamped near the bottom of the cylinder.
    • PTR 30 ATM
    • 11 56 GR
    • 347
  • It has 2 labels on opposite sides.
  • 1st Label
  • 2nd Label
    Filling instructions in Afrikaans & English

Original undamaged red “plug” to protect against dust.


  • Gas lamp = PRIMUS 2150
    • Single tie mantell
  • Original glass with the following markings on it ( very faint )
    • JENAer Suprax Glas ( Spelling on the glass )
    • PRIMUS
  • The jet in the lamp is marked with PRIMUS 8451

I could not find single tie mantels today so I could not test the lamp but it souns like it will work.


  • Cooker top = PRIMUS No 2055 with the following on the controll knob.
    • PRIMUS
    • AB BAHCO

Tested it today and working 100%!


  • Carry Bag = Waterproof PVC like material with the following markings on it.
    • PRIMUS

No tears or any damage.











Sorry, I tried to flip the fl..….n photos but no success.

Truely, that is a real treasure.... You hang onto that for dear life..... I hope you use it when you go camping, It's quite a conversation piece for them what knows......

I know where one of those Primus gas bottles is for sale, Willem-brits will know the place, it's just past the De-wildt cheeta santuary near Brits.

Problem is, although I've searched and searched I can't find the adaptor that allows you to use Cadac stuff....

Now you actually got the Primus stuff....

The only thing I've got that is primus is this 2 plate stove....

Pre-Cadac, Fuchs, with primus burners...



Then I was extriemely lucky, and am grateful to Neef, who sent me this absolutely lovely old Optimus 8 (the model before the R8, so it's also extriemely old...

See Neef got to hear that I collect camp cookers and stuff....... Don't have a cooking clue how he found out..... but he did, and took the time and trouble to post this up to me.....

Weer-heens Neef, baai dankie.

But just see how neatly it fits into an army dixi... ! Isn't that just brilliant?

but I've managed to find the right wicking chord... Searched for a long time, then got advice to use a piece of a mop-head, but it has to be cotton! There we Go...............

I got it to work, but I have to keep pressure on the fuel tank, for it to "roar" So starting with the simple things, I need to strip it and re-wick it,........

Finding the right wicking material was a search and a half, ............... Got me evicted from a few supermarkets by Irate shop owners..... Don't understand why............ All I wanted was a mop..............

The test for if it's the right material is that it must "smoulder" not burn, like the nylon material which won't wick.....

so I IMMEDIATELY Rushed off to Pick & Pay.. with a cigerrette lighter.......

They where not very chuffed with me having a jolly good go at burning all their mops....... Same goes for Checkers.... And Spar!..... Finally got some at the rubbish dump off an old mop-head lying around...

Weerheens Neef somme moerse baai dankie onsettende gaaf van U






Just quickly back to army stuff.....

I've also got this.... A WW II petrol field stove complete with all it's spares... It works 100 % but, because it's ment to work with leaded petrol, it "surges"....


Even got it's little filler funnel!

The pressure tank is also primus......

Obviously, they didn't expect soldiers to live long....... So they gave-em petrol to cook on..... hehehe





Sun, 31/05/2020 - 18:30

You must have a nose like a bloodhound or spend a lot of time in pawnshops to find all these treasures! I see the Optimus is also from Sweden.

They where not very chuffed with me having a jolly good go at burning all their mops....... Same goes for Checkers.... And Spar!..... Finally got some at the rubbish dump off an old mop-head lying around...

You can`t blame them if they had banned you from their stores after that, can you? smiley

I think I saw a video of you demonstrating your WW II field stove some time ago on the forum? You are very brave to operate all those old burners...…….

I know where one of those Primus gas bottles is for sale, Willem-brits will know the place, it's just past the De-wildt cheetah sanctuary near Brits.

Do you perhaps know how much they want for it? I have never actually used the set, but if I can get another bottle, I can use the cooker and lamp together as my setup does not have an adaptor for both to be used together. I am thinking of building a neat wooden box for it with a drawer or 2 for pots, pans, cutlery and all things nice and interesting.

Now see what you started with this comment......

Truly, that is a real treasure.... You hang onto that for dear life..... I hope you use it when you go camping, It's quite a conversation piece for them what knows......


What the heck's wrong with "testing" mops?..... Golly-gee they costs a small fortune! All I was doing was checking that I got a good one!..... What's wrong with that?

Don't understand why they got so darn annoyed!!!!.........

But then, again, I make no claims about me, other than I'm a teeny-tiny-bit odd...

Ask Oom Anton......

One of the "odd" things I do is collect vintage tents & camping cookers....

Why tents & camp cookers? ... I haven't got a cooking clue.... But there it is.......vintage tents & camping cookers...

Can't sell em... they worth nothing..... Nobody want em....

Can't get em.... nobody want to get rid of em......

Some people collect cars, other's again collect debt.... Far, far more sensable to collect debt... 'Specially when, like me, you're just about ready to croak....

Me I stick to vintage tents and old camp cookers...

Currently I'm siting with 37 tents and a vast collection of camping cookers, I once set it all out at the fourm gathering at Mabalingwe... Unfortunately,  I can't post pics, they are all 4Mb's

Anyhow 'nuff said about me....

I'm not shure how much they want, but when I next go there, I'll happily ask.... Give me a budget and then I can sommer get it... But I'll have to wait for aunty Virus to pack up her skirts and leave....

But I'll leave you with this.... Ne!...devil

Them boxes are all called "Chuck-boxes"....

Back in the days of ox-wagons & cattle drives in the American west, the "chuck wagon" had all the food & supplies.

At the back of the chuck wagon was this big box with all the cooking pots and pans and utensiles and so on.... hence chuck-box....

These-day's we call-em "tail-gate" boxes or "tailgate -kitchens"...

They really are handy... I have my own.... made from a re-purposed fishing tackle back-pack...

I pack one box out and one box in... Work done & dusted...

Unlke these camp-kitchens, that "fold-up"  You have to put the jolly thing up.... Pack eveything into the blooming thing.... Then when you break camp... Die hele dem ge-toot word ge-repeat....

Oooooo-ne-a-a ek's te dom vir soo veel werk....





















Some other's



HAVE FUN!....laugh8i8ty7