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Did some work on my kitchen unit this weekend...

Submitted by TWTFAWC on Mon, 22/06/2020 - 09:47

Firstly one has to make a decision where one goes with these type of refurbish projects: -  

Are you going to “fully restore”? Are you going to modernise? Or are you going to fix it for your own use.... Kinda, that’s the three options one has.

With this project, unfortunately, the two top doors, have been damaged, (the panelite has been damaged), and the chances of me getting matching doors / pattern are slim to none, so restoring to original is pretty much out of the question.

Also, with a “fully restore” objective, one has to de-construct and re-build from scratch, fixing all the things along the way..

So taking into consideration that

(1) My skills are not that great and

(2) the damage to the doors, “fully restoring” would be just about imposable,

(3) Judging by the way it was constructed, It's not an upmarket piece, So, again, why go to all the effort of  "fully restore" ? to I’m going the option of just refurbishing it for my own use..

Having made THAT decision, I’ve tackled it and I’ve finished scrubbing  the unit out... Gosh was it in a toestand! Sugar-soap and Scotch-brite was all that seemed to work.... 

SURPRISE! We can’t get Vim! None to be had! Anywhere... Checkers / P&P / the Greek corner shop.... NOTHING!! Wonder what’s going on there??

Another big problem was that the bottom floor panel was “bulged” (I got it like that) probably the unit got wet and was not attended to.....

So I had a look and it seemed to be the masonite bottom, so I took a deep breath and cut it out with an angle grinder, and using hammer and chisel, took the whole masonite bottom out.

Underneath are pine planks and one short plank was thick at one end, so I used a flappy-disc on the grinder and blended it to the rest, then filled with wood filler.

So that was a win.

Then the two top damaged doors I’ve filled the holes with fibreglass, and I’ll sand that down flush with the surface, The idea is to paint and decorate them nicely using a strip of stick-on vinal that’s got a nice pattern.

But the jury is still out on the two top doors, here are my options: -

(1) Leave them off completely,

(2) Fix the damage, paint just the 2 doors and leave the others as is,

(3) Paint all the doors to match.

what would you chaps do?

I’ve kind of figured the history of the cupboard, basing it on candle burn marks under the upper lip...

It comes from JHB South, as I got it at the rubbish dump there, so I think it was originally in the kitchen of one of the older Semi-detached houses, then it got moved to the servant’s quarters and left the for a long time, (that’s where it got the damage & candle burns) Then I assume the servant’s quarters was upgraded and the unit chucked out.

Fiberglass repair



Prepped for fiberglassing



The short plank that was thick on the R side causing bulging of the masonite bottom (which was waterlogged anyway)




The bottom door: - The hinge on one side pulled out of the frame, so I'll drill the screw holes out, glue a piece of dowel into the drilled out hole then re-drill for the screw holes.

The blue open door: - The hinges are loose on the door side, which is the panelite, and I can't fix that, so I'm planning on using pop-rivitts on all the hinges to keep it looking all the same. If the rivit fouls the frame, I might have to peen the rivit flat on the inside I'll see.....

The 4 panes of glass for the centre: - there are 2 for the top and 2 for the middle. Gottem, but I don't need anything,  they slide lekker, so that's that.

Handles: - only got 3 original handles, so I'm going to make handles from pieces of 50 - 70 gumpole, cut to about 100mm long & screw them on from the inside, I'm not keen on fancy type handles and the gumpole ones will carry through the "theme" I'm  following on refurbishing my whole cottage.


I think I may have posted that I'm busy completely renovating my cottage, this come after 7 years of not actually knowing which direction to go, and as I'm living in the cottage, how to do it.

Do I move out and pay rent?....... Does not make sense...

I've mumbled about putting up a big tent in the yard and moving into that... Anyhow, I've finally got "rigting" and have tackled the project full on, nogal with me living in the space.

During the lockdown, I spent the whole time at my cottage in Brits, And I came to the realisation that I'm really content & at peace there, especially with the way it's built, IE  Wooden structure, Gum poles and just rustic and basic....

That gave me direction with my place in JHB, and I'm running with that. Rustic, planking & gumpole as the main theme..

Fortunately I'm not one for moving things around in my space.... Once  it's there I leave it be... Also, I really, really don't want a big space to live in... Been there, done that.... I'm so content with smaller spaces, I've even given up the notion of utilising the room that's attached to my space.

Don't want it... It can stay a store-room...

So, I've done my sleep area, built  a walk in wardrobe, sorted out my sitting area (where I love to listen to classic music) & desk - come- eating plac,

Now I'm busy with my kitchen area - And so, I bring this post full circle to my kitchen unit.

After that it's my bathroom....

Here is a picture of my sitting area...

That ship..... As a young boy, I was an avid reader... I consumed anything I cold get my hand on... Hardy boys / Jock of the Bushveldt / Lord of the rings / how & why magazines / Bollie (the blue bunny? .. yes that too.... Nancy drew / famous five / Enid Blyton... Simply everything.

In that mix, I was absolutely bessoted with the story of "The mutiny on the Bounty, and the three related stories that happened...

That ship is a scale model of the Bounty, and is memories of a much happier time when I was a young boy.... It's one of very few happy links I have.

The same goes for the banana rocking chair.....At toddler age, the pride and joy of my mother's loung was 4 of those rocking chair, and one of my daily chores was to wipe the dust off the legs...

Those were happy times.....

So the thing I have give me great comfort...

Anyhow, here is a pic of my efforts... thus far







neef Herman

Tue, 23/06/2020 - 07:04

That reflects your personality perfectly Warren, and your Cottage is exactly what I expected it to be. All  items are unique, love the crochet piece on the chair.

BTW it's called an antimacassa...

It's purpose is to keep the material of chairs & couches clean...

hehehe nooooo, crothering is not one of my "things", and they are as scarce as hen's teeth, so when I see them at charity shops I buy... I'd hate to think what they cost new....

U het me bemoedig om nog n paar photo's te plaas dankie...