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WARREN - Luggage box continued

Submitted byTWTFAWC onMon, 13/09/2021 - 06:29

So after my "forum holiday" I will stick to posting only what I've done / am doing / will be doing regards my approach to camping - hopefully this will prevent further unplesantness.

Again I know that my camping set-up is vastly different to anybody else, on this forum but in the interests of things, someone may be on the same page as me, and there is a small chance that that someone my get an idea or two -- When someone does post a question, I'll be happy to give more detail.

So I had to collect my luggage box as I needed it to do trials with the Uberscoot ... Unfortunately, the bag I'm having made is not quite finished ... here is how far it's got so far ---

I'll only return it after the long weekend, I'm off on a get-away




Morning Anton

I haven’t measured, It’s easy enough, <piece of rope under the wheel, elevate to under bumper and check if the luggage box will foul before bumper> Thinking about it --- probably ---- But I’ve no intention to do that kind of off roading anymore

But if I were to do so, Say, at a resort that provides a 4x4 traiI- like Bass lake, could simply remove the whole box from the tow-bar receiver, stand it on it’s own legs & go play

When I designed the modification I angled the bracket up, to create a fair amount of departure angle and the length was the minimum to clear the spare wheel.

I was more concerned with the leverage effect caused by the distance of the box from the Landrover (thus increasing the effective nose weight on the towhitch) than the departure angle





Here is how the bracket I designed works --

Top attachment through the spare wheel to the Landy


Top attachment to the box


Attachment to the towhitch reciever




Tue, 14/09/2021 - 10:45

That looks good Warren. When you swing it out to open your bedroom (and now garage) door, do you have to undo it from the tow bar, or does it just fit over it?

Hi Wildehond

Not quite ----  I positioned the hinge pin of the bracket so that  when the box is released from the bottom cross bar (which in turn goes into the towbar receiver) as well as the top mounting  and opened to 90 Deg to the back door of the Landy------ The back door  Just clears the inside left corner. <see pic>

For as long as I’m static, I leave the luggage box swung out, this affords me additional counter space --- Bear in mind, my “kitchen” or “galley” is at the back of the Landy.

For quick stops / one nighter’s I don’t bother, but for more than that I have a table that I put out as well ---- makes for a well appointed area to do all the necessary such as cooking / dishwashing / washing clothing and so on


I simply pull out the thick pin that goes through the receiver, drop the 4 legs that are in each corner of the box and remove the whole thing & bracket from the tow-ball receiver --- Thus I can “swop” between a standard 50mm tow-ball for ordinary towing or mount the luggage box.

Sometime down the road, I will modify a gas bottle type trolley that I have to act as a wheeled removing trolley --- but that’s for next year