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galago private bush lodge


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Another tent.......

Submitted by TWTFAWC on Mon, 20/01/2020 - 09:30

Watch this space......

About February – March last year I mentioned that I was chasing a very old tent, made in Switzerland, dome construction that has cane poles, for my tent collection, but the price at R450 was too high.....

Wellllllll, I’ve been watching it all this time, and they haven’t sold it, and in the meantime the shop has been on the market...

Well, on Friday I popped in there to keep my beady eye on things, the tent is there, the building’s been sold, but not the tent, and the owner’s wondering what He’s going to do with the stock

Made an offer of R250 and it’s mine..... Picking it up today.....

See I told you fellas, half the fun’s in the chase..... Took about a year..... When I get pictures I’ll post them.

Ok so I got some more details about the tent when I collected it.

It was made in Helsinki which is the capital of Finand

It was used by a missionary couple who used it in Africa, they have had it since new and it’s very very old..............

That’s it.......... That’s All the info I’ve got...laugh

Looks like it’s the oldest tent in my collection.

Oh, it had wooden pegs (the type cut out of a plank and uses 11 pegs... Anybody got any of those pegs?