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Landrover Chicken

Submitted by It'l Dodat on Thu, 06/04/2017 - 09:36

Landrover hoender..

I've done this post at the other campsite, but anyhow here we go again....

One of the very first mod's I did to sitnievas was to ding the turbo guard plate to make into a frying-pan...

Then, spice chicken, wrap in foil then in a roasting bag and drive... +- 3H later stop and enjoy

Anyone else do this for a lekker hot roadside picnic?try maar

Landrover chicken

Port Elizabeth


Thu, 06/04/2017 - 09:46

I remember when  I read this before I thought you were pulling our legs.  Then I saw on a cooking programme on TV that people actually cook in their engins while driving.  So lekker warm hoender smaak seker goed langs die pad.  En jy het sommer genoeg oor vir aandete ook, Warren.  :-) 

Hi Warren,

Hoop nie die KUGA manne try die een nie.

They might sacrify their chicken not roast it.

Hoop dis die Ingels vir " hulle gaan daai hoenertjie OFFER nie braai nie"" 



It'l Dodat

Thu, 06/04/2017 - 12:16

Hi Freda... No kidding, If you look carefully to the left of the chicken, on the cover that's a bit lower, there are some black.. Well that's burnt sous from the previous one, I did not use a roasting bag and the sous leaked out of the foilie.

I have done this several times... Learnt the trick when I had Elvis Presley....

Now Elvis Presley was an old Series III a landy with a Ford V6 conversion, and with that leaf-spring suspension front and back, it was "shake - rattle - and - roll" and anybody's guess where you where going when you pushed brakes!

If you read "two-plastic-bags".. That was the same Landy... Chris, then still under the care of the welfare home and was in the "hosting" phase, we went to Sordwana / Richards bay a couple of time with that... And had some very poinant moments that really added the glue to our budding relationship..

Anyhow, on the way down, come Volksrust, that smell of cooking chicken wafting through the front.... Man, used to drive us  dilly so we'd stop just outta town and rip the chicken apart, and there, on the bonnet while sluk-slukking a Coke devour that bird.....

Chris got a hella fright... There was a small tree on the pavement, and as he turned, there in the tree was a snake... Oooooo about a M or so long.... Never seen him jump that far, that quick ever again But it had been killed and probibly thrown into the little tree..

I dared not laugh..... I would have spilt all the rest of the Coke!

Landrover's..... Strange how they've been like the "golden-thread" through my life... From Army days back in 1974 / 5 right up to the present....

BTW... Elvis Chris & I where one of the last to drive from Sordwana to Vidal by beach... (just before they closed the beach off), and unlike the time before (which was real) I faked a breakdown in the marine reserve and slept over on the beach...

The time before I actually had a fire (hehehe Kuga se dingis)......... Under the bonnet, and my extinguisher went phut, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moerse panic.....NE

So I moered all the dishwashing stuff outta the round basin and skepped sea water...

Fortunately, not much damage, But we where left with no clutch... So I sacrificed a brake pipe, substituted it into the hydraulics of the clutch and........ Well, drove all the way back to JHB using gears and the hand-brake (which, thankfully, on a Landy, works on the prop-shaft and not the wheels...

But by then the window to get through the narrow point was closed so we slept on the beach, hunkered down next to the landy... no sleeping bags nixs... Just like that.....

Anyway the time we slept over faking a breakdown, we put up a gazeebo with no legs at the back and only one leg at the front and slept under that on the sand... In the morning the dolphins decided to "surfboard" in and out the breakers right in-front of us whie we where having early morning coffee....

Anyeway we packed up, went to cape Vidal, then went back by beach to Sordwana... had to push it a bit because like I said earlier, there is one place that you can only get through at low - tide....

A once in a lifetime moment.... An adventure..........

Nope...... Cooking on the engine is not pulling anyone's leg... With my new and improved Landy I've finally got a lekker baking pan about 200mm wide  x 300mm long ad about 40mm high... just right to hold a hoender & vegi-wobbles... Watch this space.....


Port Elizabeth


Thu, 06/04/2017 - 13:38

You need to sit down one day and write a book about your life.  But you will have to sit down for at least a week to decide where to start and where to finish. :-)   

It'll Dodat kan mos alles doen.  Wat van 'n lekker skaapboud?

Waar my wa staan


Thu, 06/04/2017 - 15:10

Daai hoendertjie werk natuurlik nie net op 'n Landie nie, en jy kan natuurlik enige vleis so gaar maak.

Het erens in die sestigs 'n Chev nomad gery, daar het ek fillets op die outlet manifold in foelie vasgemaak, as jy daai vleis begin ruik dan is dit gaar.

Ook ge-eksperimenteer met 'n stew, stukkies vleis uie, aartappels en sulke goed in 'n casserole op die manifold vasgemaak, onthou net om die deksel met draad vas te maak. Nie te sleg gewerk nie maar baie van die sous lek uit by die deksel, moet maar gereeld [so elke 80km stop en bietjie vog, wyn of water by te gooi.

Niks lekerder waneer jy by jou besteming kom om 'n lekker warm proteine gereg te kan eet nie.

Years ago my dad was a manager they were building the road between Calvinia and Brandvlei We lived on site in a caravan on someones farm and my dad had a few chickens .At night when the trucks were parked the chickens used to get on the trucks diff because of the heat in them .It was still dark in the mornings when the trucks left for work .Later on in the day my dad drove down the road and saw these flat chickens lying next to the road and still said I wonder where those chickens came from .Well he got his answer that night when he got back there were not 1 chicken in sight lol